7 Ways To Manage your Facebook Wall Feeds Better

Not seeing what you like on your Facebook Wall anymore? Regardless of how many friends you have, your Facebook Wall can be such a mess from over-Shared materials, quotes and Instagram photos.

The new feature on Facebook Ads that allow Pages to feature their statuses all day long isn’t helping as well. Stories from close friends, like-minded peers and your actual favorite pages are being drowned in a sea of irrelevance.

Let’s take back some control over our own FB Walls now.

Facebook Wall

Some of the ways I’m describing below may take some effort and could be time-consuming (if you really want to go into details), but it will help reduce the time you spend clearing up the mess on your Facebook afterwords.

1. Top/Recent

The first thing and easiest thing to do is to sort through your news feed by selecting ‘Top Stories’ or ‘Most Recent’. You can do this by clicking on the Sort link at the top of your news feed (or below your ‘Update Status’ bar).

Sort Feed

By selecting ‘Most Recent’, Facebook will list all subscription feeds in reverse chronological order, you read the latest news first. By selecting ‘Top Stories’, you are letting Facebook determine what stories are important to you, and most of the time, it isn’t.

2. Manage Subscription Feed

By friending with someone or liking a fan page, you are automatically subscribed to all of their news and status updates on Facebook. This subscription can however be set to show only certain types of updates on your Wall. There are a few ways to manage your subscriptions:

  1. Refine subscription type from the status updates
  2. Refine subscription type from the subscription button
  3. Refine subscription from the settings page


On your Facebook Wall, hover your mouse to the top right corner of your friend’s status and click on the down-arrow button to see options.


The arrow will give you subscription options. You can subscribe to All Updates, Most Updates or Only Important updates. These selections are as set by Facebook, which will show you news feed based on relevance. Alternatively you can also choose to unsubscribe from your friend’s status updates and activities.


For more options on feed subscription, hover over your friend’s name or profile pic on your Facebook Wall and the ‘profile-ecard’ will appear, go to Friends > Settings.


Then you will see type of updates that you can control. Uncheck any type of updates that you don’t want to appear on your wall.



To manage subscription to Pages, Games or Apps on Facebook, you can use the same method as above, but the options are a lot more limited. Hover your mouse to statuses by particular brand pages, click on the arrow and select Hide story to remove the particular updates from your Wall, or select Hide all from to unsubscribe from all updates by the pages.

Pages options

You can also hover over the profile pic or the Page name and click on the ‘Liked’ button. Select option to ‘Unlike’ or uncheck Show in News Feed to remove all updates from the pages.



On the Facebook Wall, you can easily review the unsubscribed list, and remove any from the list to re-subscribe to person, Pages or even Apps. To reach this edit window, click on the ‘Pencil’ icon next to the ‘News Feed’ link at the top left of your Facebook Wall. Click on Edit Settings.


The ‘News Feed Settings’ window will appear with a list of people, Pages and Apps you have unsubscribed from or removed from your Feed stream. Click on the ‘X’ button at the right of the list to remove them from the list and the story will reappear on your Facebook Wall. Click Save when you are done.


3. Filter By List

List is by far the best way to control your news feed, and keep you away from the general feed. Facebook allows you to create a list of subscriptions based on interest, close friends, pages or more.

To start creating a list, look for the Friends section on the left side of your Facebook Wall and click on MORE.


In the Friends list page, click Create List.

Create List

Now enter your desired list name and members to be included in the list, then click Create.

Create List

Once created, you will be redirected to the list stream you just created. In this list, not only can you add people, but also pages, brands and apps by simply entering the name in the +Add to this list box.


To go to your specific list just click on the name of the list at the left sidebar.


4. Hide Ticker

Ticker on Facebook helps you get the most updated activities by your friends on Facebook; it usually moves every seconds if you have many friends and it can be very distracting not to mention a bandwidth-eater.

If you decide to hide your Ticker, this is what you do.

  1. Close your Chat Sidebar.

    Ticker Sidebar

  2. Click the ‘Hide Ticker’ arrow. If you can’t find it, scroll all the way up to the top of the page and you will see it on your right.


5. Hide Story or Report Spam

On your subscription details, there is an option to hide story or report spam. Hiding the story will store the piece of info away from you, while reporting it will help you hide this information from your Wall. It will also help Facebook better their filter system.

Report Spam

6. Unfriend/Unlike

The last option that you would want to consider, is to unfriend people or unlike a fan page on Facebook. You can always opt for this option and no one will be the wiser. But bear in mind that once you unfriend someone or a page, you will no longer receive updates from them both. Likewise the person who gets unfriended will no longer see your updates.


7. Restrict your own updates (Avoid being blocked)

All the above actions are ways to keep your Facebook Wall organized and mess-free, however you have to remember that this works both ways. Your updates may also be a source of annoyance to your friends. However, there is an option to set the audience who will get access to your updates. You can post your updates for the Public to see, or just for Friends, or if you want to keep it for posterity, you can always choose Only Me. To choose to post only to a specific list (as in what is mentioned in number 3), choose the Custom option then select the list you want to post it to.

Group Post


By doing all the above, you can still get the updates you want, while keeping the wall free from unrelated or unnecessary updates and spam. Creating a group list is by far my favorite option as I have been using it every day.

Do you have better options to manage your own Facebook Wall feed? Know of any tips and tricks that we had not mentioned in this article? Let us know.

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