8 Mind-blowing Gadgets You Can Control Just With Your Brain

So Google Glass is the future, you say? Think again. Imagine a future where you can move anything with just your mind, with high concentration. If you think that is mind-blowing, get this, that future is already here.

emotiv epoc
(Image source: neurosky)

In this post, we want to bring to your awareness 10 existing gadgets that allow your brain to command and complete real-life tasks, including using your iPhone and moving virtual characters in-game! Let’s dive into the article for more revelation on this interesting topic.

1. Emotiv EPOC

Tired of using the keyboard and mouse to control your laptop? Would you prefer to use your mind instead? Emotiv EPOC can help you with that.

It’s not just about computer interface. EPOC is also capable of controlling your character’s movement in-game (talk about virtual reality). Best of all, it could also be utilized in any electrical application, such as a wheelchair, making it move with a simple thought. [$299]

emotiv epoc
(Image Source: Emotiv)


MUSE is light and portable, and for now it can guide you to relax or focus before you perform any mentally challenging task. This is just the beginning, though, as the final purpose of MUSE is to allow you to control your iPhone or Android device with your mind power.

You can browse Hongkiat.com, play Angry Birds, and even accidentally message your boss that you deserve a higher salary, all done within your brain! [$165]

(Image Source: CNET)

3. NeuroSky MindWave

NeuroSky MindWave might look geeky, but it’s actually a user-friendly neuro-headset that’s especially designed to improve your kid’s brain. Heck, it even has a custom app store with 79 ready-built apps, showcasing educational to casual games and even life improving-applications.

Train your kid into next-generation superhuman, with NeuroSky MindWave. [$79.99]

neurosky mindwave
(Image Source: NeuroSky MindWave)

4. BrainDriver

BrainDriver is actually a project utilizing the power features of the Emotiv EEG headset, and it presents us with an alternate future that could be more awesome than the Google Driverless Car – we can control there car by mere thoughts!

Nothing in-between, just hook up the EEG and do some mental (I prefer to call it ‘telekinesis’) training, and you’re good to roll.

(Image Source: Autonomos Labs)

5. DARPA’s Prosthetic Arm

The greatest benefit of science is that, it gives hope to human with disabilities. In neuroscience, this DARPA’s Prosthetic Arm is set to take over a real arm, letting the receiver control it with their thoughts, fired up by brain cells. This is a better alternative to a prosthetic arm in function and for them to regain motor skills, and subsequently independence.

darpa prosthetic arm
(Image Source: DARPA)

6. Necomimi and Shippo

Fancy furry ears and tails? Then connect Necomimi and Shippo to your body! This pair of flurry ears could scan your brain wave on the move, and stand up when you concentrate, and relax when you are relaxed.

The tail is even more ‘moe’ (cute), it waves when you feel happy or relaxed, just exactly like how a furry animal does! [$99.99, TBA]

necomimi and shippo
(Image Source: neurowear)

7. Neuro Turntable Mobile

Remember how you used to lip sync to music on the radio. Wouldn’t you like to have the freedom to do that whenever you feel like it? Neuro Turntable plays music from your iPhone when you really want to listen to a tune.

It doesn’t come on when you are focused on work, but when you need to put a little jazz into your steps, skip the buttons and the playlists and let this device turn your music on for you.

neuro turntable mobile
(Image Source: neurowear)

8. Orbit Helicopter

Take about Jedi training! Use the NeuroSky MindWave headset to control this Orbit Helicopter and feel the force flow through your mind. Relax, concentrate and make that baby soar into the sky! on a side note, this little thing looks like a helicopter from Leonardo Da Vinci’s time. [$149]

orbit helicopter
(Image Source: Kickstarter)

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