A new way for creative studios to manage their business

We’ve recently heard about Team, the new studio management app from Thrive and thought we’d find out more. Thrive are the brains behind Solo – the multi-award winning project management tool for creative freelancers. Until now, their unique and eye-catching approach to productivity has been the sole preserve of the freelancer. But good news if you manage a creative studio: that’s all about to change.

Team is Thrive’s latest app and it’s aimed squarely at multiple users. It’s an an all-in-one management solution for the creative business, combining the main features of software like Harvest, Freshbooks and Basecamp, and ending the fractured approach to sending quotes, tracking time, invoicing and managing projects. It’s designed to improve workflow, manage resources and also provide an instant insight into how your business is performing.

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Team helps maximise time and profit by giving real-time analysis of your business’ data. It then presents these findings in a simple, visual way, helping employers and stakeholders make informed business decisions. In essence, it’s a tool that means studio managers and creative teams now have a unique, flexible and elegant new approach to managing a studio day-to-day.

Register at www.wearethrive.com to try it.

Gorgeous Studio Management

Team addresses the main pain-points of running a creative business, the guys from Thrive have distilled over 30 years experience working in the creative sector into the product. Its gorgeous design and flexible features mean it’s easy to use – and even easier to fit into your studio’s workflow.

Expenses let you budget with simplicity and style

Team also manages expenses, meaning your studio’s cash-flow is easily tracked with a visual representation of income and expenditure. And just like everything else in Team, all this data is beautifully presented, making it easy to evaluate, take in and digest.

Client analytics reveal hidden insight

One of Team’s most interesting features is the Client section. More than a place to store the names and numbers of your contacts, it provides a wealth of stats and data about them too. It helps you quickly identify your most profitable clients and industry sectors, and features a unique client rating function, which doubles as an early warning system, alerting you to potential problems and unhappy clients.

Stylish quotes to help entice new clients


Team’s quotes are quick and easy to put together. What’s more, they look stunning, which helps create a great first impression. Quotes are easily customised with your company logo, and sent at the click of a button. Best of all, when a quote is accepted, it can be turned into a project with a single click, too.

An approach to time-tracking geared towards creatives

Team’s approach to logging hours is incredibly flexible. Users can just start the timer and get on with it. It’s a refreshing approach that means when inspiration strikes, your staff’s creative flow isn’t interrupted.

Clear time sheets that are effortless to manage

When employees have finished using Team to time their work, all their hours are logged and organised. Any projects relating to entries can be instantly accessed directly from Team’s time sheets, allowing an in-depth analysis of individuals’ accomplishments or that of your whole team.

To-Dos help everyone stay organized


Keeping track of your project-tasks and milestones, as well as your day-to-day appointments (like client meetings or even bookings with the barber), is easy with Team. Filtering To-Dos is simple, and allows you to see what your team has got on, so you can spot gaps, delegate work and maximise your capacity.

Simple invoicing and online payment

When a project wraps, Team makes putting together and sending out invoices quick and easy. Just like its quotes, Team’s invoices can be customised with your own logo  and sent directly to your client’s inbox with a single click. And with industry standard options for clients to pay online, the whole payment process speeds up considerably.

In Your Studio Soon

Team is a unique piece of software. It’s been built by creatives, for creatives, and is both beautiful to look at and inspiring to use. The more time you spend with it, the more you notice clever little features – like colour changes indicating upcoming deadlines. And with future plans to integrate it with the existing network of freelancers using Solo, it won’t be long before Team is adopted by creative studios around the world.

If you run a studio or manage creatives, Team’s official release isn’t far away. It’s currently in beta and free to sign up, so visit www.wearethrive.com and take a look. You and all your staff will be glad you did.

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