Automatic Link – The Smart Monitoring App For Your Car

We have devices that can help us to monitor our health, daily paces, calorie intake etc, and allowing us easy access to the information anywhere, anytime. Now, don’t you wish that there is something similar to this concept but for your car? It can help you to monitor your car and provide information on your driving routine (and even improve it).

Automatic Link is a combination of a dongle and an iPhone/Android app. By attaching the dongle to the car it will collect data such as driving patterns, trip timelines, fuel efficiency and car performance. All this information can be viewed in the app.

Setting Up Automatic Link

It is real easy to set up, just plug in Automatic Link to the car’s on-board computer and pair it with the app on your smartphone.

The Automatic Link dongle is attached to the car’s on-board computer (OBD-II port) which is the port where mechanics use to check cars. It is usually below the steering wheel.

automatic link

The dongle uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to connect and transmit data to your smartphone, and drivers can continue to use their smartphones for other means.

automatic link dongle

Data Collection

While driving, when drivers waste fuel through actions such as rough breaking, speeding and rapid acceleration there will be a subtle audio reminding the drivers of their actions. At home or at the office, users can check the app for a detailed weekly roundup covering locations they have driven to and how much fuel was used.

automatic driving feedback

Crash Alert (Beta)

Although still in the beta phase, Automatic Link can send a crash alert to family or loved ones, as well as to request for help with the driver’s name, crash location and vehicle description. This works via the accelerometer which can detect many types of crashes.

automatic crash report

Automatic Link can also work as a personal mechanic. When the ‘check engine’ lights up users will be alerted with a push notification. An ‘Engine Trouble Codes’ will be assigned and possible solutions (as well as nearby mechanics) for it will be suggested.

automatic engine problems

Parking Location Logged

Lastly, with Automatic Link you will never forget where you parked your car! There is no need to do a manual check in as the app will remember the location of your car. And if you are sharing your car, allows you to share the location of the parked car.

automatic parking location

To Order

Automatic Link is currently available for pre-order at $69.95, and is only available in the U.S right now. Rest assured the creators are working hard to make this service available in other countries. There are no extra subscription fees to use the service, and the creator estimates that Automatic Link will probably use around 5MB of data per month.

For now, the Automatic Link app supports iPhone 4S/5 and the following Android phones:

  • Motorola Droid – RAZR MAXX , RAZR M
  • HTC – Thunderbolt
  • Samsung Galaxy – S II, S III, Note I & II, Nexus
  • Google (LG) – Nexus

Will It Work With My Car?

Automatic Link can work with almost every gasoline car sold in the U.S. since 1996 which is the year all cars are installed with the OBD-II port. During the pre-order you can choose your car brand and model, and check to see if it is supported for your car before making a purchase.