Awesome Christmas Gifts For The Geek Fashionista in Your Life

With the holiday season and Christmas coming up, we thought it would be cool to celebrate the geek fashionistas in our lives. All of us know one geek chick that totally rocks. Often finding a gift for them is the hardest. You just know a scarf is going to be useless to them and they pretty much have some of the trendiest accessories for all their gadgets already.

What do you get for a geek chic who has it all? Well, we looked around and stumbled upon 18 of the coolest geek gifts out there. Whether you are a tech geek, a gadget geek, a movie geek, game geek, science geek or math geek (or know one), you will probably see something you like here. Some of them are up for order, others can be custom made. Take a look at the full list after the jump.


Have all the latest iDevices already? Get one ring to run them all. Yup, this iRing can control the playback and volume of your iPhone, iPod, and iPad through wireless or Bluetooth. Plus, the design of the ring complements the sleek design of Apple products.


Unlike the iRing, the iNecklace doesn’t control any Apple devices. It does pulse and glow though, which is just as cool in my opinion. Made from aluminium, it has a small battery-operated pulsing LED light in the pendant.

HTML Necklace

Got a web developer or coder in your life? This HTML necklace is a great gift to give her. The necklace comes with a 24-inch chain. Get this necklace engraved and the personal touch is guaranteed to be a hit.

Black Ear Biting Chain Chomps Super Mario Nintendo Earings

If your geek fashionista is a Super Mario fan then she’s going to love the Ear Biting Chain Chomps. The chain of the earring is 2.5-inch long. While it might look like the chomp is biting the ear, no worries, it’s not painful at all.

Molecule Necklace

Ask your science geek fashionista’s favourite molecule and have it fashioned into a sterling silver necklace. The personal touch is bound to impress. Here’s the molecular structure for caffeine.

Quote Couture Earings

Writers and editors are going to love these earrings. The best thing about them is that they can add a hint of playfulness to formal wear and totally funkout your casual outfit. I probably would never take them off, they’re so cool! This is the perfect gift for the geek fashionista who loves to read and write.

DNA Pendant

If genetics is your fashionista’s calling, then she’s going to love these DNA Pendants. This-inch long 3D double helix pendant is the perfect way to tell your significant other how unique and special they are.

Secret Decoder Ring

Cryptology lovers are going to go bonkers over this ring! This secret decoder ring can help you create your own code that only you and your significant other know. Whether it’s a love note, a reminder to pick up milk on your way home or a password, you’ll have your own secret language that only your ring can decode. How cool is that?

Math Pendants

I love math geeks. They can solve equations in their head and are always logical. One thing I’ve noticed about Math geeks is that they always have a favourite symbol or formula. If your geek fashionista loves math, then these pendants will be right up her alley.

Sundial Necklace

You know what’s cooler than geek jewellery? One that’s just not for show. This sundial necklace can tell you the time of the day accurately by simply dangling it in direct sunlight. Ok, maybe not. But the necklace comes with an instructions booklet that teaches you how to use this sundial.

Superman ring

A custom ring that is available on special order. While the price tag attached to it will make most of us whistle, it’s a very sound investment if you ask me. The classiest Superman ring I’ve seen so far and has a diamond in it too!

Indiana Jones Engagement Ring

While this was commissioned as a custom ring by an artist for his fiancé, it deserves a place here. Indiana Jones fans and those who like to have the detail in their geek jewellery speak for itself will love this engagement ring.

The One ring from Lord of The Rings

One ring to rule them all – Need I say more? My Lord of the Rings loving heart is dying to get my hands on this ring! My preciousss…

Tri force Zelda Gold Earring Studs

The Triforce Zelda Gold Earring studs are perfect for the fashionista who likes to sport her geekiness as part of her style rather than telling the world about it. Fellow geeks would know what they mean at first glance.

Golden Snitch Necklace

Harry Potter die-hard Quidditch fans are going to love this Golden Snitch Necklace. If you’ve ever dreamed of catching and keeping the Golden Snitch for yourself, then this necklace is exactly what you need. Now all you need is a flying broom. Good luck with that.

Harry Potter House Rings

I couldn’t resist adding Harry Potter jewellery here as I’m a die-hard fan. If you or the fashionista in your life is a Harry Potter fan and have dreamt of going under the Sorting Hat, then these Hogwarts house rings are close enough.

Me? I’m going for the Gryffindor house ring! Get the ring of your favourite Hogwarts house here: Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, HufflePuff.

Pac Man Cufflinks

If video games are your thing then these Pac Man Cufflinks are a winner! These classy cuff links will add geek bling to any work shirt or tux. If formal wear isn’t your thing, this cufflinks just might make the experience less painful and (dare I say it?) fun!

Bronze Cuff Bracelet with Etched Pi

Nothing screams I like Pi like having the full string (or part of it) on you. If the geek fashionista in your life loves to fly her geek flag high then this bronze Pi cuff bracelet is the perfect gift for her. With 498 Pi numbers etched on the bracelet, it screams geek like nothing else.

Gifting jewellery to a geek fashionista

Contrary to popular opinion, geek fashionistas aren’t hard to please. As with any gift (and with any female), it’s the thought that counts. So while all these gifts are going to make you a winner, a gift that doesn’t hit its mark is still going to be appreciated. After all, you wanted to celebrate her geekiness. What can be more thoughtful than that?

Ever bought gifts for geek fashionistas? What did you get and was it a hit or a miss?