Backup Your Skype Chat & Audio Conversations Online With Simkl

Skype is one of the more famous messengers and online meeting tools. It saves your conversation history in your computer but to read it, you would need to download a file viewer or read it from the Skype messenger itself.

If however, you are not on your computer and want to check up on your Skype chat history what can you do? Check this out.

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Simkl is a free Windows desktop tool which helps you save your Skype calls and messages. You can save it to your computer or to Simkl cloud storage so that, even when your computer loses the data, you still have a copy of it in the Cloud.

Here’s how to set it up.

Getting Started

To save your Skype conversation with Simkl, first browse over to Simkl and download it.

click on download

It will ask you to login to your account. You can either sign up using your Facebook account or you can create a new account.

sign up for account

After creating an account it will ask you to choose the instant messenger you want to save your chat histories from. Set the time zone to your time zone here as well.

choose skype and set time zone

Install the desktop tool on your computer. Run Skype. Allow Skimkl to use Skype.

allow access to simkl

Now, if you make any calls on your Skype, there will be a notification telling you that your conversation is currently being recorded.

call is being recorded

View Recordings

To view your call recording, right-click on Simkl and click on ‘Open folder with call recordings’. You will find all of your audio recordings in that folder.

how to view calls folder

For text conversation, you can find the saved conversation on your Skype messenger or in the Simkl Cloud storage. Right click on Simkl and click on ‘View History Online’.

Do note that for both calls and text history, the ones that will be saved by Simkl are conversations that happen after you start using Simkl.

view history online

On the Simkl website, you can see on the right column all your Skype contacts. Just click on anyone of the contacts and it will open the chat history on the left.

view chat history

And on the website, you can also view your call recordings.

audio history

Simkl is always running in the background of your computer system so, anytime you hit the call button or have a text conversation, it will record and save it.


The Simkl Cloud storage for call recordings is only free for 7 days and Simkl does not provide suport for other cloud storage that you might already be using.

To keep using, you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee that gets cheaper the more months you subscribe to.