Blue Screen of Death Wallpapers for April Fool’s Day

The day for tomfoolery is a-coming, the much-awaited (or much feared) day we turn friends to sworn enemies and get revenge for last years’ pranking. While we wait for Google and BBC to pull their latest hoaxes, let’s not be content with just changing relationship statuses or ‘hacking’ into a friend’s Facebook to post humiliating declarations. Let’s take it up a notch, and give them a shock.

bsod wallpaper

In this mini-post, you will find the ‘Blue Screens Of Death’ wallpaper optimized for the screens of multiple tablets and smartphones. We’re not really sure if most of you can pull this off but you will need access to your victim’s phone. Download the right wallpaper (see full list below) and set it as the wallpaper before freaking out about how you crashed your friend’s device, or leave it like that for them to find.

Download Wallpapers

Devices Wallpaper
HTC One Download
Nexus S Download
Nexus 4 Download
Nexus 7 Download
Nexus 10 Download
Samsung Galaxy Download
iPad (landscape) Download
iPad (portrait) Download
iPad retina (landscape) Download
iPad retina (portrait) Download
iPhone 3G/4/4S Download
iPhone 5 Download

Technically, April 1st is the only day you can run this joke without being killed. If you survived it, let us know what happened after.