Bringing Back Windows 8 Start Menu with Pokki

The brand new Windows 8 is out and one key feature removed from the new OS is the Start Button; that iconic "Click here to Start" has been replaced with the new customizable Metro UI. Because of the Start Button’s absence, programmers have come up with many replacements to mimic the old Start Button.


Today, we’ve found a free program called Pokki which brings back the Start Menu to WIndows 8. If you’re imagining the standard Start Menu where all you get is the list of installed programs, then you’ll be surprised to see that Pokki has many other features and apps that work within its version of the Start Menu, despite not diverting from taking the place of the old Start Menu we so loved.

Windows 8 Start Menu With Added Features

First of all, download and install Pokki. What is good about Pokki is that it is not ‘hardwired’ into the OS which means you can easily install and start using it without restarting your computer.

Pokki Installed

You can view all the installed programs on your computer when you click on the All Apps tab. You can also click on the Star icon to mark that program as a ‘favourite’.

All Apps

A starred program will appear in the 4-by-4 grid when you first hit the start button or the windows key. You can also ‘favourite’ folders and websites that will be displayed here.


The search bar works the same way; you can immediately start typing the moment the Start Menu is shown. However, the Pokki search is also much more powerful as it can retrieve results for files, programs and even from the Internet.


Pokki App Store

Pokki also has an App Store where you can install apps like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, games and much more.

Once you install an app, the app icon will be shown on the taskbar, together with your ‘favourite programs. You can remove icons by right clicking on them.

Pokki App

When opening one of the installed Pokki Apps, it will open in a new window. This is the same for apps like Facebook and Gmail which works like a web browser.

Pokki Angry Birds

What’s awesome is that the apps work similar to your smartphone where you have real-time notifications and number badges on the icons.


With these few added features, Pokki makes a great Windows 8 Start Menu replacement. Do give it a try and let us know if you agree.