Build A Full-Feature ‘Solidify’ Prototype Just With Clicks

Ever need to visualize an idea and go beyond a wireframe for a website or application? Knowing if your interface is easy to understand can be tough. Traditional methods of user testing can be disorganized and frustrating. To speed up the process and make interface ideas come alive, try Solidify.

Solidify brings prototyping to the next level, and goes beyond simple wireframing by bringing to you features like link building, a built-in screen editor, feedback pages and forms for feedback from clients or team members, pick-your-audience options, easily collect demographics, app and website settings and more.

Getting Started with Solidify

Once you have created your account and signed in, you will be prompted by a "Create new Prototype" screen. Click to create a new prototype, then go into the setup of your new prototype.

You will start by uploading the screens of your website or app into Solidify. Choose whether the prototype and/or screen is for consumption from a desktop or mobile device like an iPad or a Nexus 10.

After choosing the prototype "type" it will fit the prototype screens into a device-like format.

Prototype Links

One of the most important key features to Solidify is the feature to add links to elements of your screens of your prototypes. Any user can easily add a link by clicking and dragging over the element and setting your link options to dictate where you want that link to lead to, and more.

You can easily set who you want to allow to see the links and elements of your screens and pages by choosing your audience type between users and membertypes.


When you are done with setting up your prototype screens the next thing you will most likely want to do is get feedback on your prototypes. Feedback is almost as easy to set up.

When setting up feedback for your prototype you will have three options:

  • No feedback: Doesn’t allow the reviewer to leave any kind of feedback but still allows functionality
  • Page and Overall: This feedback option allows for open feedback for each individual page and overall feedback at the end
  • Directive Feedback: Create a series of directives or instructions, then record metrics and get feedback on each directive.

Complete Analytics

Another great and useful feature of Solidify is that it comes with built-in Analytics for your prototype. You can easily view who checked out your prototype, the feedback they left (if any), the average time they spent on each individual page, average time on the entire prototype and my favorite of them all, a click-flow video showing how they used it and what they did.

When viewing your prototype and tester analytics it even shows each individual person that visited and tested your prototype even if they are not registered as your team member or as a member of Solidify itself.

Pricing and Accounts

The account pricing for Solidify is simple and reasonably priced. For the Basic Plan, it is $19/month, for the Plus Plan, it is $49/month. There is also a very limited free account. You can view all their pricing plans here.


  • Great design and organized step by step instructions to setup the perfect prototype.
  • Full with complete analytics including video support.
  • Add team members and clients to your account.
  • Reasonable account pricing. One account, one bill, multiple services!
  • Prototype building made easy.
  • Screen builder with multiple features.


  • No account connection to outside storage services like Google Drive, Box and Dropbox.
  • Mobile support, small scale.
  • No notification bar.


Solidify brings to me and hopefully you, a great and new experience that no other service like provides. It has great features, step by step setup, feedback, tester and visitor analytics full with video, great link builder, privacy settings and a bunch more useful features.