Christmas Themed Games For iOS And Android

The Christmas season is (finally!) just a few days away; which means you’ve probably already gotten Christmas presents for a few special guys or girls. Let’s not forget the little nephews and nieces you will run into at family gatherings. If you aren’t getting them the latest devices they are asking for in their letters to Santa maybe the best Christmas themed games can make up for it.

Santa Fun

We’ve gathered a few fun games to help you out. These games are simple to play and fun, which means the young ones can learn how to work it on their own. We’ve split this list of free Christmas themed games for iOS or Android devices but if you have both, you can try out the first game on the list.

Santa’s Village

This game allows you to manage Santa’s village where you can build elf homes and toy factories with many decorations to choose from. The goal of the game is to save Christmas from being ruined by the Grumpkins.

Platform: iOS | Android

Santa's Village

iOS Games

Looking for games to play on your iOS devices? Then you might want to take a look at these.

Cut The Rope: Holiday Gift

This time round, the adorable candy-addicted frog is coming to your iOS devices in holiday mode. And it is free! Go and download this precision swiping game that is set to entertain.

Cut The Rope Holiday Gift

Paradise Cove: Holiday Adventure

This is another game where you have to build a village in order to save Christmas, as the ice prince is there to ruin this happy holiday. Complete quests to win.

Paradise Cove

Santa in the City 3D

Ever wanted to ride Santa’s sleigh through the rooftop of houses? Well now you can, and in beautiful 3D as well.

Santa in the City 3D

Crazy Penguin Christmas

In this game, you’re a penguin trying to save Santa from polar bears who have kept him captive. Launch fellow penguins into a maze to get rid of the evil polar bears.

Crazy Penguin

Christmas Blocks

Ever played tower blocks on old-school Nokia phones? As the blocks swing left and right, tap to drop the blocks on the center of the lower block to ensure a steady tower; tallest tower wins!

Christmas Blocks

Christmas Quest

As Santa flies past houses, help him deliver presents with precision while collecting points along the way. Tilt the iPhone or use the screen buttons to enjoy this simple game.

Christmas Quest

Santa Fun Games

This 1 app has 6 mini games in it including throwing snowballs, catching presents and even saving santa from falling, you might find yourself spending a lot of time playing it.

Santa Fun

Snowball Fight

In this fun snowball battle, you’ll have to throw snowballs at the enemies and at the same time dodge their shots. Hit them to gain points, dodge their assault to avoid losing points.

Snowball Fight

Mouse Maze

Control your mouse as they maneuver through mazes and avoid cats or knock them out with collected potions.

Mouse Maze

Crazy Burger

This game is so wrong at so many levels but that’s what makes it fun. Get the fat man on screen to eat as many unhealthy food as he can. And dodge vegetables!

Crazy Burger

Android Games

The Android Army is also celebrating the Christmas period with a bang. Check out these games available for Android devices.

Angry Birds Seasons: Winter Wonderham

The Angry Birds franchise is so successful that you can even buy Angry Bird merchandise. The seasonal release of Angry Birds is already available for free in the Google Play Store. iOS players can get it for 99 cents.

Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham

Christmas Countdown Free 2012

Don’t be confused about the app title, this is a Christmas countdown timer with mini games and challenges for each day leading up to Christmas.

Elf Adventure

Bunny Shooter Christmas

In this game, you control a bow and arrow to hunt bunnies. Watch them poof off screen when you get them with your arrows.

Bunny Shooter

Bubble Blast Holiday

This game requires a little bit of thinking to complete each level successfully. Each bubble has their own speciality and you must clear all the bubbles on screen with the fewest touches.

Bubble Blast Holiday

Kids Connect the Dots Xmas

Remember all those connect-the-dots puzzles you grew up with? Well, play them on the Android now. Or maybe you should let the young ones do it instead.

Connect the Dots

Coin Dozer: Seasons

Help Santa deliver coins and presents down the chimney in this game where you can unlock prizes as you play on.

Coin Dozer

Angry Piggy Seasons

A cute cow, chick and green pig go for an adventure to restore the colors to their home land. This tricky puzzle game has plenty of levels to keep both adults and children entertained.

Angry Piggy Seasons

Noogra Nuts Seasons

Tilt your Android device to control the squirrel, as nuts fall from the sky. Nuts get cracked as they fall on the squirrels head and you’ll earn points by eating and cracking the nuts.

Noogra Nuts

Bubble Monkey Xmas

Similar to a retro game from the past, this bubble shooter requires some skill to clear all the bubbles on screen. Shoot colored bubbles to match other bubbles and make them pop.

Bubble Monkey

Fruited Xmas

Tap 3 or more fruits in a row to clear them off screen. However, this game comes with a slight twist that makes it more fun with the addition of worms which you have to get rid of.


Greedy Pigs X’mas

Defend Santa’s present stash from being attacked by enemies. Build defences to ensure they won’t be able to reach the stash in a challenging maze-like map.

Greedy Pigs