Collection Of Free High-Quality Line Icon Sets

The concept of minimalism in web development industry has been welcomed open heartedly, and it refers to a design style where design and graphics elements have been reduced to its bare elements in order to concentrate on the main and important elements like content and navigation. Though there are many ways to achieve a simple and effective minimalist aesthetic, but incorporating line icons always turn out to be too good.

Here, we are showcasing some of free to use and high quality line icon sets for you. Feel free to download them and use them in your work.
Note: All of these line icon sets are free to use but it is advisable to check the license before using them for your commercial use.

Simple Line Icons


24 Free Icons

Budicon – 48 Free Line Icon


Thin Icons Psd

40 Sympletts Free

Line Icon Set For UI


Simple Line Icons

Free Outline Icons

Free Social Media Line Icon Set

Feather Icon Set

Thin Stroke 56 Icon Set

100 Free iOS7 Vector Icons


Other Icons

25 Line Icons

Linecons Free

icon pack for ios 7

20 settings line icons

Vectory Mini

24 Ecommerce Line Icons

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7


Bold Icons 2.0

Line Icon Set

Free Pictograms

Simple Icons

Free Skinny icons

20 Thin Line Icons


Cicons: 40 Outline Icons


24 Free icons

Simplicons (Free Download)

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7 Vol3