Convert More Than 100 File Types On Browser With CloudConvert

Don’t you hate it when you try to open a file on your smartphone and it just wouldn’t open? A common problem that people face today is the incompatibility of file formats on mobile i.e. your device does not have the right application to open a particular file.

Rather than getting apps that allow you to open a certain file format (imagine how many you will need to cover all bases), you’d probably want to try file conversion.


CloudConvert can do that for you. It will convert anything to anything – and we’re looking at about 140 different file types here – on a browser. And you can even get it done on mobile. Here are all the cool things CloudConvert (even while at beta at the point of this writing) can do for you.

Start Converting Your Files

CloudConvert supports 140 file types that includes file archives, audio, CAD, document, ebook, image, presentation, spreadsheet and video files.

Upon entering CloudConvert on your desktop, upload the files you need converted. You can even upload multiple, different file formats all at one go then choose each individual output format for each file.

CloudConvert Conversion

To start converting, click on the big red Start Conversion button. To download your converted file, you can choose any of the following methods:

  • Download it to your computer or device, by clicking the green Download button
  • Have it sent to you by email
  • Have it sent to your Dropbox or Google Drive (after authorization)
  • Get a QR code to a direct download link. (You can also use this to share your file to anyone else; note that the download link is valid for only 2 hours.)

CloudConvert Download

Wrong File Format?

Picked the wrong file format? Don’t wory, you don’t have to reupload the file. Just pick either the input file or output file then generate the conversion from there.

Using CloudConvert On Mobile

CloudConvert is unique because it also works (great) on mobile web browsers.

After going to the website on your mobile browser, select files from your Camera Gallery or from Dropbox or Google Drive to convert . You can also upload multiple files from your cloud storage.

CloudConvert iPhone

Just like the desktop browser, select a output format and just tap the Start Conversion button to begin conversion.

CloudConvert iPhone

You can then have the file sent to your email, uploaded to your Dropbox or downloaded to your device (tap the Download button). You can then open the file with other apps on your device.

CloudConvert iPhone


CloudConvert is a very smooth file conversion service that works great on mobile devices as well. It’s also free to use but with there are a few limitations as to how many conversions you can do in a day.

However, you can choose to register for a free account for more perks such as a higher limit of daily conversions, and higher maximum limit for file size and a longer storage time i.e. 24 hours for converted files.

CloudConvert Register