Create Interactive Presentations Across All Devices With

Sometimes, it can be a challenge trying to hold people’s attention during a presentation, regardless of whether the content is interesting or not. We now live in such a fast-paced world and people have attention spans that are shorter; Powerpoint slides aren’t just going to cut it anymore.

What matters these days is interactivity and engagement and is just the thing that can help you take your presentations to the next level. takes boring presentations and gives them a makeover with a new way to create and present them across all of your devices, all at the price of nothing.

Creating Slides

To start creating your first presentation or “slide”, just start dragging and dropping various files into a series of decks onto the online dashboard. Swipe gives us a variety of file format options to drop into a slide. The formats include PDF, KEY, Markdown, Vimeo, Youtube, JPG, GIF, PNG, RAW, PSD, AI, SVG, EPS, and many more.

One of my favorite features of Swipe is that you can use different media from the Web. For example, you can place an image on the first slide, audio on the next, or a video on another, using just a link from Youtube or Vimeo. The developers have given plenty of options for when we need to add media.

You can also use your favorite text editor to write and edit all of your slides using a familiar markdown language thus providing a greater level of customization.


A major feature I love is that there’s no waiting for big files to process and download! Once you have given out the links and the permissions, you can now present your slides to a live audience through WIFI, 3G, or LTE.

The developers promise that your slides will look the same across all devices including computers, tablets, and phones (as long as you have a reliable connection to the internet).

Views And Viewers

Swipe also can tell you how many people have and are currently viewing your presentation, as long as the ones viewing it have a Swipe account.

Dropbox Sync

If you have Dropbox, Swipe allows you to easily backup your presentations and sync your pictures, videos, audio and other media from and to your Dropbox account. For now, Dropbox is the only supported service for syncing with Swipe but as Swipe is still in BETA, we will hopefully see more supported services coming soon.


Each presentation in Swipe is private by default, but you can easily change this. You can do this while editing your slide, with the right-hand sidebar privacy options, by making it available only for people with the link or only the emails that you define. You can also set particular times on when it’s available for viewing and who can see the presentation.

Conclusion takes normal presentations and gives them a brand new look. I find very useful, faster, and simpler to use in creating slides. It also gives the user unlimited space, which is a plus; keep in mind that all accounts are entirely free.

What I Liked

  • All accounts are free.
  • Multiple file formats supported.
  • Drag-and-drop interface for creating slides.
  • Unlimited number of viewers, slide storage and file space.
  • Easy addition of multimedia (video and audio) by copying and pasting links from Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Files are viewable and accessible in seconds of uploading to your deck. No download wait time.

What I Didn’t Like

  • No chat features (hopefully coming soon).
  • No customizable animations for slides.
  • No support for Skydrive, Evernote or Google Drive.