Create iPhone Alerts Of (Almost) Anything With HeroButton

Apple might have created Siri as a personal assistant, but there are certain limitations to what Siri can do. Besides the iOS users who have Siri, those who do not, can try this app that gives you instant notification alerts based on your interests.

HeroButton Webpage Main

HeroButton is a free iPhone app that acts as a personal assistant to alert you based on keywords determined by you. It can retrieve information of music artists’ song releases, dates of movie releases, and even the prices of stocks, hotels or property. HeroButton also features user voice recognition and speech playback.

Now, let’s take a look at the main features that make HeroButton a unique app.

Get HeroButton

HeroButton is available for free on the Apple App Store via this link. Download and install the app on your iPhone.

After installation, you will be greeted with an option to login with Facebook, or you can opt to sign up for a new account with your e-mail address.

Login Menu

HeroButton Alerts

You can then begin creating alerts by choosing one of the many categories. Do note that HeroButton uses your location information for the categories of ‘Deals’, ‘Vehicles’, ‘Hotels’, ‘Apartments & Houses’, ‘Jobs‘, ‘Articles for Sale’ and ‘Events’.

Once you have picked a category, the alert creator comes up on screen where you can customize it with keywords and/or other numerical information.

A list of alerts with results will then be shown on the Alert Results page.

HeroButton Categories

These alerts include:

  • Products – Grab product discounts or when they are in certain price ranges.
  • Stocks – Monitor stock prices across all major stock exchanges.
  • Deals – Keep track of deals based on location with user-set keywords.
  • Groceries – Know when your favourite grocery items are on sale.
  • iTunes – Get informed with your favourite artists’ album is available on iTunes.
  • Hotels – Know when 1- 5 star rating hotels at your location are below a certain price.
  • Vehicles – Find vehicles by make and model for sale in your area.
  • Personals – Search for that perfect someone.
  • Jobs – Look for jobs around your location based on keywords.
  • Houses – Find houses for sale that you can afford.
  • Shipping & Tracking – Get updates on the status of your shipment with tracking numbers from FedEx, USPS, UPS, and DHL/Airborne.
  • Movies – Be notified when your favourite movie star or director announces a new movie.
  • Articles for Sale – Know when articles in your area are published based on keywords and price.
  • Apartments – Find apartments for rent in your area that fits your budget.
  • Events – Know when your favourite music artist or festival is coming to your area.
  • Mortgages – Receive alerts on mortgages rates.
  • Sports Betting – Live odds update for your favourite sports team.
  • Airfare – Be notified when air tickets for your favorite destinations are on sale.

With many useful categories to pick from, HeroButton could help better your everyday productivity.

Creating Alerts in HeroButton

One way to create an alert in HeroButton is to use its voice recognition and speech features. Tap the yellow H button to make the app start listening to what you say. Tap on the purple box to insert keywords for your search.

Create Alerts with Voice Recognition

The example below shows three types of alerts under the “Movies” category. You can get alerts for when "Chris Pine" has a new movie "released" (top left), when a movie he directs is "announced" (bottom left) or when a movie "starring Chris Pine is announced AND released".

Alert Creator Example

Using HeroButton

When using the voice recognition feature, pressing the yellow H button once will make turn the button into a round yellow circle; at this point is speak into it to create an alert. Turning the Facebook or Twitter button on will share its results on your Facebook wall or Twitter feed.

User Interface

Under the Products category, there is a Scan Barcode button where you can scan a barcode or QR code with the iPhone’s camera.

Barcode Scanner Information

The alerts menu shows a list of alert results which you have created (shown below). If you use the stocks category a lot, there is the option to Reset Alert so that it will update you with the latest stock prices or changes.

Alert Results


HeroButton is a very new app and you can see that they are constantly working on improving it through their blog. It also uses a nice comic book superhero theme. But if you’re interested only in its alerts, give it a shot. It might surprise you with the latest and greatest news and updates.

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