Creative Examples Of Logo Brand Identity Sketching

Here we have come up with another interesting and inspiring collection of some logo sketching. We all know how much importance a unique logo design possess in establishing any organization’s commercial brand. An effective and unique logo design not only communicates and develops customer confidence in your brand but it also lingers in the minds of visitors, and they remember the company or its goods and services.

Sketching is the designer’s tool to dig deep into his imagination and flesh out those creative ideas and draw them on the paper. While, in the web development field sketching also provides a feel of personal touch. Therefore, we thought to share with you some inspiring logo sketching. We hope that you will like this. Enjoy!

Redchillin logo

Diseño Logotipo Bosque Verde 2012

Logo Sketches

Mike Rohde’s Sketch Kit

Corbra Gaming Logo

Belt logo

Map Pins-Heart

Logo Thumbnails

Logo for shoes

Sonic Corporate Identity


AV Logo

Lettering sketch

The Pinflow


Village Bike Shop Identity


Knoxxi Sketch


Hello Brio Studio Logo Redesign 2014


Something’s Cooking

Lena Anikeeva

Bizaar Sketch

Londonderry Sketch Variations

AspireBoard sketches

Batter World sketch2

Lorensegs Insurance Company//Identity

Dimitrovi&Co – Identity process

Logotypes collection | 2012-2013

Personal Branding Exploration v01

AppleJack Logo

Blackberry Logo

Siah Design Re-Brand Process

The Logo Development Process: New England Breeze Case Study

Logo Design Process For FITUCCI

Logo Design Project Step by Step

Tammy Lenski logo redesign

Logo Design Process for Just Creative Design’s Award Winning Logo

Logo Design Case Study