Creative Starbucks Cup Sketches by Johanna Basford

A true artist does not need a special canvas, or the right pencil, or a specific method to create art. A true artist just creates, even when you are working on Starbucks cups. Most of us just throw those paper cups away after getting our daily coffee fix but not Johanna Basford.

She sketches beautiful patterns all over them, turning them into nicely decorated cups that you just don’t have the heart to chuck away now. All she needed was a black pen. Yes, seriously.

Well, technically she is still sketching on paper, but you have to admit, that’s some fine sketching. You can’t even tell if this is a spur of a moment thing because the sketches work so well with the logo itself.

Check out some of her work-in-progress and final sketches in the images below.

[via Andrew Kelsall]