Crowdsource Your Logo Design Just at $29 and Get it Within 48hrs

Logo design contest will prove to be a great help in your quest to find the perfect logo for your business. 48hourslogo was created by a team of freelance logo designers and ever since they have launched their website, this was the ideal logo resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. If you too are in need of a logo and therefore are looking for a way to get something like this, then you should totally read the following lines, since these will reveal the reasons why to pick this company.

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1. Simple procedure

It is only normal to desire to skip painstaking stages in the process of getting a logo for your business. Well, if you will go for you will simply have to follow three steps. You will have to begin by starting a logo design contest and describing the product you desire. Then you will watch and analyze the designs that people submit to you, so that you will be able to complete the final stage, i.e. to choose a winner. Thus, it is quite simple, isn’t it?

2. Time saver

Time is money and therefore one of the purposes of this project is to help you save it. This means that you could even get your logo in 48 hours. So, if you are looking for something efficient that would be kind with your time, then you should definitely choose this website. Thus, you will be able to respect your deadlines and to focus on other aspects of your work.

3. Money saver

Besides time this also saves money. It is only natural, since you will be the one who will set the prize. However, you cannot pay below $99 since this is the minimum prize that the company has fixed. But, good news does not stop here. People are welcome to start their contest with just $29 and pay the rest after they have received some designs.

4. Professional designers

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They take pride in their work and therefore they invite their users to have a look at their logo design portfolio. In order to simplify things for customers, once they get on this area they should just select the industry they take a special interest in. Then, after clicking on logos they will be able to receive more details about the project. Thus, if you are curious to see the work of their designers first, then you should totally check out the portfolio section.

5. Logo of the month

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They care about their community of talented designers and therefore they award them with Logo of the Month prize. People get to vote on their favorite designers and once the winner is selected he or she is mentioned in their logo of the month page. However this is not all; the lucky winner also receive $100 cash prize.

In the end, either you desire to save some time or to spend less money on your logo you should definitely go for this website. will definitely please you since it has plenty of benefits.

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