Custom Video as Ringtone for Incoming Calls on Android [Quicktip]

Ringtone is used as an alert to notify you when there are incoming calls and was used since many years ago to keep us informed when someone is calling. It has evolved from a monotone to polyphonic, and now with mp3, but rarely we heard of a video ringtone.

Video Ringtone Maker

Some network provider provides you with video ringtone facility but in the smartphone world, you should be able to set your own video although your network provider didn’t provide the service. There is always an app for almost anything, and there is also an app to set video ringtone for your smartphone. Video Ringtone Maker is an Android app that allows you to set videos as your ringtone at free of charge, and you can also download video collection for free via this app.

Set Video as Ringtone

To set video as ringtone, download Video Ringtone Maker from Google Play and install.

Download Video Ringtone Maker

  1. Launch the application and fill up with your name, email, age and favorite artist then click ‘Save’.

    Save details

  2. Now you are in the main page of the app, tap on ‘Videos’ at the bottom menu. After you click on the ‘Videos’ button, the menu bar will change with more options, you can now set incoming calls video, shuffle or make own video.


    If you don’t have any video in your smartphone, random songs will be played by the app following what’s available from the Internet. If you want to set your favorite video, you must transfer videos in your SD card or internal storage. Else, simply click the ‘Download’ button at the bottom menu to search and download available free videos from the Internet.

  3. Downloaded video will be saved in your SD card, now to set the video as your ringtone, click on ‘Incoming Videos’ at the bottom menu and select video you want to use from the selection, and click ‘Save’.

    Select Video

Once it is saved, make a test call using your friend’s phone or wait for an incoming call, and you will see video played on your smartphone while it’s ringing.

Incoming Calls


There’s an app for almost anything, and now you get to use video as your ringtone. Now whenever there’s an incoming call, video will be played on your smartphone instead of just music ringtone. Have you already use video ringtone before? What apps do you use?

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