Customize Ringtones on Android Phones with Ringtone Maker

Everyone loves a good ringtone, but sometimes there are some parts of a song that we prefer over other parts. Ready-made ringtones may not give us the melodies or snippets that we want; sometimes they are too short, others are too long, and unless a song is popular enough, you won’t find ringtones for it.

Ringtone Maker Android

Thus, self-customization over your ringtones maybe the best solution to hear the certain part of your favourite song when you phone rings. To trim your ringtone, you can try Ringtone Maker, an Android app that allows you to cut songs down to the ringtone you want then put it to good use. Let’s see how it works.

Snip that Ringtone

To get started, download Ringtone Maker from Google Play and install it to your Android smartphone. Once Installation is done, launch the app and you will see a list of song collections from your phone. Click on any song to play, or click on the ‘green arrow‘ on the right to see edit options. Click ‘Edit‘ to cut the music.


In the edit window are two sections, first is the wave file of the song track, and the second are the details with preview, volume and saving options.

Ringtone Maker edit sections

Lets start cutting your first ringtone:

  1. Adjust the part of the song you want as your ringtone by dragging the ‘Start‘ and ‘End‘ markers. The selected tone will be within the two markers.


  2. Use the Play button to preview the ringtone, and the Magnifier button to zoom in/out the track wave so you can cut into details.

    Preview and Magnify

  3. Press the speaker button to adjust the ringtone volume, also set the ‘fade-in’ and and ‘fade-out’ timing if you prefer to have it, then click OK.


  4. Press the save‘ button to save your final cut as your ringtone, select ‘Type’ to Ringtone, name the ringtone, and click Save. Other options you can set for ‘Type’ is music (a clip), alarm or notification alert.



It’s a simple app with the exact functions you need to trim any song and make your very own personal ringtone right from your Android! Why not give it a try and let us know if you like it.

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