Dream Place to Sell and Buy Stock Images

Images are essential in a newspaper, magazine or on a website, because sometimes they could send a message far better than texts. Not to mention that they bring harmony to the design of your project, so it is pretty clear that one should not skip this important element. The dilemma is that you are not sure how to get the pictures you need. Well, forget about hiring a photographer: this is quite expensive and you will have to satisfy with the product, even if you are not quite pleased.

The solution comes in the shape of Dreamstime.com. This is a pretty easy to use website, which contains an approximate number of fifteen million files (and the number is growing), these being stock photos of people, technology, nature, animals, and various other categories. To, be more precise, Dreamstime.com contains numerous photos, that one could purchase at affordable prices and then display on his or her website or maybe magazine.


How does it work for clients?

First of all you are required to sign up, which is a process that takes approximately five minutes and which doesn’t require much information from you, just the basic things. After you have completed this process you are free to search stock images, and once you have found the picture you need you could either purchase it or download it for free if the photographer has made it a freebie. The images available on Dreamstime.com are verified by talented editors, in order to meet the quality requirement. The pictures that could be downloaded for free do not have a high quality, but if you think you can manage without this feature, then you should check out the free photos area.

Another thing you should know about the images is that they are royalty-free, which means that once you have paid for the photo you can use it anytime and anywhere you desire. Not to mention that the high resolution of the pictures will make it easy for you to display a professional look on your project. So Dreamstime.com is the right place for you, because their stock photos will help you accomplish your tasks.

And as far as the prices go, they are not high. The minimum price you could pay is $9.99 for eight credits. But, because they appreciate their customer they often offer certain discounts; for instance a new user will have 10% off his or her first purchase, thanks to the EXDE10 coupon.

How does it work for photographers?

Photographers could join this photo community, in order to sell their images. However they will have to accept the fact that their images will be checked out for quality and that these could be rejected. In the event, something like this happens photographers have the option to add these to the free photos area, thus creating a portfolio. Also, if they are serious about their work they could find themselves in the busiest photographers or top contributors lists, which will make it easier for the clients to notice them and their images.


Another great thing is the fact that photographers could enter assignment contests. The rule is to have at least fifty images online and the result will be the boost to level five pricing or getting a bonus when selling the rights for their images.

The conclusion is that Dreamstime.com will help you finish and complete your job, no matter what side you are on.

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