Email Marketing – Sending Newsletters Made Super Easy

You know of those blog posts titled something like “10 things I wish I knew when I started my blog?” I have read many such articles and almost all of them have one thing in common, the statement, “I wish I had concentrated on building an email list right from the start.” This is indeed something that many bloggers realize very late – that the money is in the mailing list.

Below is a screenshot of the Google Analytics stats of Darren Rowse, owner of ProBlogger.


Notice the hills, the inverted “V”s in the above image? Those are the days when he sent out his email newsletter and linked back to his blog! Yes an almost double amount of traffic.

It is quite easy to miss a Facebook update or a tweet but an email is something more personal and direct. The reach of email is far more higher than is of social media.

So which email marketing software should you use as there are so many of them in the market? We recommend MailerLite.

The founders of the company started with building websites in 2005 but then after a few years they fell in love with email marketing and hence switched gears to start MailerLite. Headquartered in London, their aim is to build the best email marketing software for small businesses. They also have offices in France, Sweden, Ukraine, Russia and Lithuania where their partners provide help and support in the local language. Presently they own 20,000 customers from all over the world.

For 10,000 subscribers or less, many email marketing services charge around 50$ per month which is 600$ per year. But MailerLite charges a fee of 99$ per year for the same amount of subscribers and allows you to send unlimited emails! Yes that’s six times less than the competition.

Also MailerLite allow a 30 day free trial for up to 1,000 subscribers.

The complete details for the number of subscribers vs. the fees charged is shown below in the screenshot.


This low price does not mean that they slack on service. They have world class features which I’m describing below.

Drag-and-drop newsletter editor – Don’t know coding? Never heard about HTML or CSS? No problem. You can still use MailerLite because it enables a drag-and-drop feature with which you can (surprise) drag and drop the different files and folders and place them where you want.

If you know coding and would want to code your own emails, you can do that too.

Real-time newsletter reports – If an email software service does not provide real-time reporting then I certainly won’t be using it no matter how awesome their other features are. Newsletter reports are feedback from your customers and an entrepreneur who doesn’t pay attention to his feedback would soon run out of business.

MailerLite provides detailed information on opens and clicks, unsubscribes, spam complaints, bounces, link activity, reading environment, etc. See the screenshot below. What you see is what you get.


So go and check it out and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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