“End Of The World” Inspired Artworks – Part II

This is it. It is almost upon us, the dreaded date feared by doomsday theorists. The date described as when the world will end and we shall be no more… based on a Mayan calendar. But let’s not ruin the mood. The End of the World notion is not new. Doomsday prophecies have littered our histories for as long as we can remembered.

(Image Source: Jonas De Ro)

So it’s only fitting that we feature the awful, scary, eerie and downright amazing depictions of the End of the World in artworks that shows us how armageddon comes to Earth. Some of these show tsunamis, burning buildings, a hail of meteors, nuclear bombings, tornadoes and essentially, the aftermath of a pulverized world.

Some are futuristic, others realistic, but all will be haunting. At the very least, this end of the world idea gives you a great reason to live like there is no tomorrow.

End. (Image Source: Andrew Gago)


The End is Near. (Image Source: Lawrence)

The End is Near

The End. (Image Source: Tek)

The End

Apocalypse 24/7. (Image Source: Emilis B.)

Apocalypse 24/7

Apocalypse. (Image Source: Sampl3dBeans)


Ablaze. (Image Source: Christian Otten)


Atlanta. (Image Source: Kiev Jankowski)


Battlesong. (Image Source: Glenn Porter)


Doomsday at the Dom. (Image Source: Camerun W.D.)

Doomsday at the Dom

Denver. (Image Source: Kiev Jankowski)


Explosion. (Image Source: Smaragdia)


Destroyed City. (Image Source: Kuba)

Destroyed City

Armageddon 2012. (Image Source: Alen Vejzovic)

Armageddon 2012

Disaster in London. (Image Source: Evandro Lima)

Disaster in London

Tsunami in London. (Image Source: stipan)

Tsunami in London

End of the World. (Image Source: Tom)

End of the World

Singapore Ruins. (Image Source: Jonas De Ro)

Singapore Ruins

Shanghai Ruins. (Image Source: Jonas De Ro)

Shanghai Ruins

Seattle Post Apocalypse. (Image Source: Boali Dashtestani)

Seattle Post Apocalypse

Sacrament. (Image Source: TitusLunter)


War. (Image Source: Zoltan K)


Toronto Ruins. (Image Source: Jonas De Ro)

Toronto Ruins

Forsaken. (Image Source: Jonas De Ro)


Clover House. (Image Source: Petr Razumovsky)

Clover House

Dubai Ruins. (Image Source: Jonas De Ro)

Dubai Ruins

Dead Symbol. (Image Source: Norbert)

Dead Symbol

City of Ruins. (Image Source: Freelancer Art)

City of Ruins

Hong Kong Ruins. (Image Source: Jonas De Ro )

Hong Kong Ruins

Forces of the Apocalypse. (Image Source: Tim Van Den Bosch)

Forces of the Apocalypse

Moscow Ruins. (Image Source: Jonas De Ro)

Moscow Ruins

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