Finger Photography: Telling The Tale of the Finger People [PICS]

Today we are going to celebrate the unsung heroes that are… our fingers. I think it’s pretty safe to say that all articles of Hongkiat are written by using fingers. From clicks to swipes, from tapping to typing, we cannot really do without fingers in this digital age. Our daily tasks will be extremely hard to execute and complete without them, and it’s only fair to celebrate fingers in at least one post, like the one we have today!

creative finger photography
(Image Source: Mupii)

With the help of creative re-imaginings and clever tricks of ‘finger artists’, we now can get a look into the lives of the finger people. Check out these 30 impressive photos of fingers depicting very human lives. Full list after the jump.

Abrigos. Note that your fingers are parts of your body too, and they could feel cold too! So get them some nice coats to keep them warm. (Image Source: Mupii)


Bad Boys. Instead of painting directly on fingers, Komusō drew the faces using a software, creating this unique and amusing piece! Check out the moustache on that one! (Image Source: Komusō)

bad boys

Catching Some Rays. After months of hectic typing works, it’s always good to catch some rays on the beach. And here’s another finger enjoying the sunlight! (Image Source: (f)ritz)

catching some rays

Controversy. Oh my dear fingy, who attacked you? (Image Source: soheresanomelette)


Conversation of 3 Fingers. Well, they seem to be having a pretty fun conversation. Also the cool thing about this artwork is that the expressions look so natural! (Image Source: Frozen Moments)

conversation of 3 fingers

Earth Day. Even fingers are celebrating Earth day! And it’s so true, we’re all stuck together on the same Earth, like these finger people are stuck together in the same palm. Better make the best of it. (Image Source: Cathy86)

earth day

Purple Day. I didn’t know about Purple Day until these nice finger supporters from Cathy86 introduced it to me. (Image Source: Cathy86)

purple day

Finger Punk. “For sure it’s the middle finger =D” (Image Source: Weyler Tomaszewski)

finger punk

Friendship. Awe, aren’t they cutest finger friends? (Image Source: arjunv)


Good Day. Don’t always stay in your room, even your fingers know how to bask in the sunlight! (Image Source: Mupii)

good day

Bad Day. Probably the face that my fingers will show me when I have played too much video games by knocking the keyboard aggressively. (Image Source: Andres Reynoso)

bad day

Happiness and Joy. They will always be together throughout their whole life, so why not live it in a happy way? (Image Source: Brian Kaleo Cox)

happiness and joy

Hi. This one has a beard! (Image Source: Kotaro Kawano)


Hug. They share a heart and a hug. Thanks Imadlak for this lovely one! (Image Source: Imadlak)


I Guess That’s Love. It looks like these fingers have a far better love story than I do. No, I am not crying. (Image Source: Imadlak)

i guess that's love

Lover. And here’s another lovely moment of the finger couple, captured by creator Mupii. (Image Source: Mupii)


Madam Fifi. Madam Fifi has a lot of detailed accessories, and she obviously had a very nice skincare treatment. (Image Source: (f)ritz)

madam fili

Just Smile! “These are the kind of expressions I wear every day. And now, so do my fingers!” (Image Source: Daisy Oak)

just smile

Master Thief. Hey, what is that thing behind your back, Mr. Little Finger? Besides the fact that the expressions are accurately illustrated, you could see that Cathy86 has really invested lots of effort to make this work as realistic as possible. (Image Source: Cathy86)

master thief

The ‘Solo’. There’s always a naughty one in the band of the hand, can you guess which finger I’m talking about? (Image Source: Cathy86)

the solo

Mr. Finger’s Big Surprise. She is speechless with the flowers he has for her. It’s nice to know that some people put effort into making you happy. (Image Source: olivia house)

mr finger's big surprise

Ninja Finger. He’s coming and he’s invisible… he is Ninja Finger. Epic idea from epic Timegril4468! (Image Source: Timegirl4468)

ninja finger

Out For The Night! Relax with your fingers when all the work for today is done! 2 super-mini beers please! (Image Source: Poke The Rock)

out for the night

Relaxing In A Tub. Nothing like a bubble bath to help a busy finger relax. No more facepalming on the keyboard for today. (Image Source: (f)ritz)

relaxing in a tub

Share the Cake. To listen or not to listen? That’s the question for this finger. But first of all, how will it eat the cake? (Image Source: Poke The Rock)

share the cake

Taking Photo. Enchanting and detailed face illustration is what makes this work really stands out from the rest. (Image Source: EllieHickles95)

taking photo

TGIF. Probably the best-dressed finger of the list! Time to get down on Friday! (Image Source: (f)ritz)


The Lost Finger. Whoa… where am I? (Image Source: Misanthropus)

the lost finger

UGHHH. I admire Felipe Katsumata for coming up with this really creative idea and ughhh, it looks really painful! (Image Source: Felipe Katsumata)


Under My Umbrella. Another work that makes me feel like having a life partner, I envy these fingers and you know why! (Image Source: maskqueraide)

under my umbrella


Do not underestimate the efforts put into these finger! Though most of them look really simple, it actually takes lots of brain juice to make those boring fingers look really interesting and as lively as possible. Therefore, a heartfelt thanks to artists and photographers who went so far just to take an awesome photo that cheers up our routine-filled life! Be sure to share with us more touching or amusing finger people stories!

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