Five Unique and Creative Business Card Designs

We all love to edit all of our favorite photography in Photoshop, but it is also the industry standard for a huge variety of business related tasks. You could be a small business or a one man workshop, if you perform any services for clients, one thing you will usually want to have is a business card. Most business cards are pretty standard fare, but I think there is great value in taking the time to design one that is unique and leaves a lasting impression for your business. It is easier and cheaper than ever to get your custom design fashioned into a real life stack of business cards with the rise of online printing companies. Most of these companies have lots of options, whether it be a business card, 48 hour print, brochure, or even custom greeting cards.

Here are a few of my favorite business card designs I found around the net to give you some inspiration!

Pop up cards…how cool is that?

A sweet stand up card in the form of an easel, very creative!

Ticket stub style – would be great for any kind of event company.

As a cat lover, I just had to share this one…so cute!

Construction card – who doesn’t like to fiddle with things like this? Great use of interactivity.

As you can see there are lots of creative options, so next time you need a business card it never hurts to be memorable! They don’t all have to stray so far from the standard like the ones I’ve posted today, sometimes a simple card with a great design can be just as eye catching.