Free Icons, Stock Photos, Textures, Brushes, and Actions!

You can never have enough free resources to play with for your projects, so today I’m going to show you a few more of my favorite places to go when I’m searching for that perfect something to help with my latest creation.

This is a very popular, community-powered site that features free icons across a good number of categories. This site is very easy to navigate and allows one-click downloading of its icons in nicely zipped up packages and in multiple formats. You’ll find a very great variety of stuff here, from Pinterest icons you can use on your site, to movie and gaming icons you could use in a forum signature or something like that. New items are getting added all the time, so check this one out frequently.

Also an extremely popular site, this focuses on free stock photography. Stock photo sites serve a large role in web design, but most of them require a fee to use their photographs. This site hosts a huge amount of free images for you to experiment with or use in your projects, across many categories. It even has some textures and shapes to explore, so check those out as well.


Lost & Taken
I mentioned this blog once before on a free textures post, but I think they deserve mention in this roundup as well for those that missed it. If you want really, really high quality free textures, this is the place to go! These textures have been featured in magazines, and used in television shows, print ads, etc. The blog is about textures and only about textures, and it does a fantastic job, so give it a look and see what you think.

Lost and Taken

As you can likely deduce from the title, this site is all about free brushes for Photoshop. I really like the easy on the eyes design, and you can really spend some time browsing through all they have to offer with the ease of navigation. Also offers one-click downloading of the brushes you are interested in. And brushes are not all they have, the site also features actions, patterns, and a few other Photoshop goodies.


JHP Actions
This site features some really amazing actions, this page will direct to you his free offerings. He does offer some paid packs as well, but they aren’t very expensive and are a great value if you decide you really like his free actions. These can be great time savers, especially when you need to batch edit a large set of photos from an event. Highly recommended!

JHP Actions

That’s it for today, have fun exploring these resources, and I’ll be back with more soon!