Fresh Resources for Designers and Developers – February 2013

It’s the time of the month to feature more resources and tools to help designers and developers with their jobs. In this round, we will feature a few useful resources for Mobile development, such as a plugin to group items in folder, an image gallery plugin for Mobile.

We will also feature a handy tool, where you can show off your Apps in Apple Devices. So, let’s check them out.

Check out all our fresh resources (according to month):


Websites and apps need analytics to feed data of user behavior while on the site. Analytics.js comes to make analytics integration hassle-free. With this script, you can add several analytics providers in a leaner way. It currently supports the following analytics providers: Google Analytics, KISSMetrics, MixPanel, Intercom,

Code Sniffer

Code Sniffer is a tool (or bookmarklet) that will audit your HTML code structure to comply with the WCAG coding standard. It is built purely with JavaScript and extendable to create developer’s custom standard.

App Folders

App Folder is a jQuery plugin that allows you to “group” items. It is simlar to how iOS group works: when we click on the group a new section slides down to show the group’s content and fading out its surrounding. The plugin is style-able, giving you the control to fit everything into your design and, best of all, it is responsive. See in action here and here.

Face Detection

Face Detection is a jQuery plugin to detect faces on pictures and show their coordinates. Just in case you need to develop an app that requires face detection feature later on, this jQuery plugin is worth bookmarking. See the demo here.


HTML5 introduced a bunch of new input types; a few of these types are equipped with Validation. But, since the validation is originally from the browsers, the browser that does not support the type will not validate the input and will let pass whatever value that is submitted. To cover this validity issue, you can use these input along with Fields.js, a handy JS Library to manage and validate Web form fields.

Photo Swipe

Photo Swipe is a JS library to establish image galleries for mobile and touch devices. This plugin displays the gallery in an intuitive and familiar way. In touch devices, users simply “swipe” to navigate through the images. This plugin supports: iOS, Android, Blackberry, jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap.

Place It

Are you developing an app and want to showcase your app coolness in Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iMac), like in this, this or this one? Place It provides several Apple device models with various angles to show off your App. You can use it to show off your App. Simply drop the screenshot, and you’re done.


Reuze is a tiny front-end development framework to help you create semantic HTML5 markup for a blog or a content site quick and easy. It also comes with CSS that holds for the layout style foundation. Nevertheless, it is very extendable and can be used in conjunction with other frameworks, like Bootstrap and Foundation.


Most of the time, people scroll webpages so, why not extend your webpage scroll action to make it more outstanding with ScrollOrama. It is a "jQuery plugin for doing cool scrolly stuff". It provides a bunch of cool animation and transition effects to your web elements upon scrolling.

Spell Checker

jQuery Spellchecker is a lightweight jQuery plugin to identify incorrect spelling within a DOM or form fields. In addition to identify spelling, it also shows words of suggested replacement.