Fruux Syncs Your Contacts And Events Across Multiple Platforms

There are productivity apps like Any.Do that syncs its to-do lists across multiple devices, but when it comes to contact lists and events in your calendar, nothing seems to make the cut. And yet having access to these important details on your wide range of mobile gadgets is crucial to your business and freelancing career. In comes Fruux.


Fruux is essentially an address book which you can install into a large number of devices:

  • Operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • Mobile: Android, iOS, Blackberry, Firefox OS
  • Email and calendar clients, etc

Fruux helps you to manage and unify your contacts and calendar events across the many different platforms and/or devices you own. That way you have all your contact info and calendar events at your finger tips, no matter which device you are tapping, swiping or clicking through.

Setting Up Fruux On Your Devices

To get it to sync your contacts or calendar events, first register an account with Fruux, then add the ‘devices’ that you want to sync your details between.

Fruux Supported Devices

Fruux takes you through the entire process of setting up a device with step-by-step instructions, making the setup painless. This is important if you have many devices to add.

Fruux Device Setup

You can even add another layer of security by using a different credential and password for each device you want to sync with Fruux.

Fruux Security

Once your devices are set up and in sync, any contact or calendar event you add to one device will appear on all other connected devices.

Syncing New Contacts And Events

To illustrate this syncing ability, we have set up an iPhone (as an added device) together with an email client. Initially, the contacts on the iPhone are not shown on the email client.

When Fruux is used as the default account on the iPhone, however, new contacts that are added to Contacts on the iPhone will be synced to the email client. This can also work with other devices that you have added to Fruux.

Fruux iOS

A Drawback

However, note that all syncing can only be done to new contacts and events that are added on any of the synced devices. Your pre-existing contacts and events will not be synced.

If this is important to you or your business, you will be pleased to know that you can add these existing details via the Fruux website. The site allows you to add contacts, import contact files, as well as add and manage address books.

Fruux Add Contact


Fruux is free if you just want to sync two devices, but if you want more, you can sync up to 10 devices for a small subscription fee of €4/month or €40/year.

Want to share calendars with a large team? There’s a Team package with extra perks that you can consider, which starts you off with 5 members for €20/month and €4 for each additional member.

Fruux Pricing


Based on our quick testing, the syncing from one device to the next is effortless, making Fruux a handy management service for the busy entrepreneur (or mutli-gadget owner). If you’re in need of the ultimate contact and events manager, give Fruux a try.