Gift Ideas: 15 Awesome Pocket-Sized Gadgets

Long-distance Internet communication tools, like Skype, Google Hangouts or telephone conferences could be all the rage these days, but business trips are not going away. Every day lots of people hit the road, even if it’s a business trip around the city. Staying organized on the go can be challenging particularly when you have many things to lug around with you.

Here are 15 helpful mini gadgets that would perfectly fit your pocket yet can help solve some of the biggest problems you always bump into. Mini cameras, chargers, speakers, LED lamps, lamps and more – check out the list to see how some of the biggest solutions can fit in the middle of your palm.

IPod Building Block Portable Speaker Dock

This cool retro dock speaker looks like a Lego piece when in fact it is a mini speaker you can plug into your iPod. It is available in various colors: white, black, blue, red, green, orange, pink and purple. [Price – $19.90]

Chobi Cam Cheese Mini Digital Toy Camera

Easily one of the smallest cameras in the world, weighing in at 16 g, and no larger than your palm, this “piece of cheese” can take photo stills, capture video and record voice. It can hold a micro SD card (32GB) and you can charge it via USB cable. [Price – $60]

Jstory Cable Tie

Are you getting tired of a tangled mess of cables cluttering up your work station? This awesome owl cable tie set is made to help tame your gadget cables and make your life more organized. [Price – $8]

GoNewYork Portable Radio by Sonoro

This stylish portable radio offers crystal clear radio reception. Thanks to a healthy rechargeable battery, it can be used indoors and outdoors. It comes with a drip-proof casing and offers an AUX-in should you want to hook it up to your MP3 player or mobile phone. It’s available in different colors to fit any taste. If this is too small for you, have a look at the GoBerlin and GoLondon. [Price – €99]

Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Zip tracks everything: steps taken, calories burned and distance travelled. Powered by Fitbit’s leading-edge accelerometer technology, Zip accurately captures all-day activity that old school pedometers can’t handle. It can be clipped on your clothes to track your activities any time. [Price – $59.95]

Pebble Smartstick

You never know when a backup battery may be needed. Available in four super sleek colors, this portable battery can charge most popular cell devices. Despite its size, it is able to power up your smartphone to a full charge. [Get One – $32]

Motion Sensitive Portable Travel Alarm

If you have ever been concerned about someone unexpected entering your place or locked room, this personal door alarm can give you peace of mind. If someone tries to get in, this little thing goes off and freaks them out. It can be connected to a door or window, and even to a bathroom stall with a broken lock. [Price – $18]

Popcord: The Keyring Charger – IPhone & Micro USB

With this keychain, you can plug your phone to any USB available to charge your battery. Available in 6 color combos, this is the keychain you need with you at all times, particularly if you have a lot of gadgets you need to keep juiced all the time. [Price – £23]

Portable Body Scale

If you have a small bathroom barely enough room for a floor scale, this item is made for you! The portable body scale is here to save your space and your weight-checking privacy. It can fit inside your handbag and can stand up to 330 pounds! [Price – $30]

Ballo Speaker By Oyo

There are countless indoor speakers available in the market these days, but this ballo speaker is one of the more stylish albeit unusual ones. It offers 360 degrees of surround sound when the speaker is placed on a flat surface. [Price – $35]

Mini Portable LED Bed Lamp

Want to keep up with your reading? Grab this elegant lamp with soft and evenly lighting to light up the dark bits in your daily routine. It also works well as a baby bed light and has a clamp design that clamps well to different bed designs and shelves. All you need is a lithium battery or 4 AAA batteries to use it on the go. [Price – $26]

Puku Portable Charger

We are so dependent on our mobile accessories that we lay mercy at its battery life. This portable charger not only solves that problem, but is also perfect for those looking for an elegant stylish charger instead of the usual squarish, bulky designs. [Price – $99]

Fuuvi Pick USB Toy Digital Camera

Despite the ridiculously tiny size, this camera can take stills and record videos with voice. It’s available in 8 striking colors and runs on lithium batteries. Weighing only 28g, this camera can take 2MP images, and you can add more storage via micro SD card. [Price – $65]

Jorno Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

You can fit this portable keyboard in your pocket as it can be folded 3 times for easy storage. No cables required as it works on Bluetooth. Why resort to blundering on the soft keyboard when you can tap on keys no matter where you are? [Price – $79/Black), $99/White]

Glidetrack Mobislyder Portable Camera Slider

For the moments when you need to take a moving shot with no shake or blur. This camera slider will provide the sense of motion your static camera cannot get you. [Price – $94.95]