Git “Command not found” Error in Mountain Lion [Quickfix]

Exploring the new Mountain lion can be exciting, especially when you are trying to find out what the latest Mac OS X has to offer. But if you are a web developer who used GIT in your previous OS, you may be prompted with the following error message:

"-bash: git: command not found

when you try executing the git command in your Terminal.

git not found

Don’t worry, here’s how you can fix this very quickly in just two steps.

Step 1

Launch the App Store then download "Xcode".

install xcode

Step 2

Install Xcode, run it and go to Xcode’s preference via shortcut key Command + ,

Go to the Downloads tab, look for "Command Line Tools", and click Install.

install command line tools

You may be required to enter an Apple Developer ID. If you don’t have an account, just register for one.

login with apple id

Step 3

We kid. That’s it. Once the Command Line Tool is installed, quit and re-open Terminal, hit the git command and see if it has been successfully reinstated.

test git in terminal

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