Gridgum – a new home for Responsive Themes

There is some debate amongst the experts whether you should create an app for your website or use a responsive theme. Both sides have their arguments.But it really depends on you and what you want to do with your budget.

If you are creating an app, you must be aware that different platforms require different apps. So you can’t create a single Android app and then assume it’s going to work on BlackBerry and iPhone too. Those platforms will need different apps and hence your expenditure can skyrocket.

This is the advantage that responsive web design has over apps. Once you get a responsive website designed, the website will automatically adjust itself no matter what kind of device the visitor uses to view on.

There are many marketplaces for responsive site design available today. Out of them we recommend you try Gridgum.

gridgum themes

Gridgum is a brand new website for buying and selling responsive templates. The website is going to be launched on 1st May, 2014.

Though the official launch will take place on that day but as of now, they are live and are accepting templates from theme developers. All templates submitted to them before 30th April 2014, will automatically qualify to enter a giveaway contest with a total worth of $2,000.

This total of $2,000 will be distributed to 14 people as follows:

  • $500 for the best Responsive Exclusive Admin or Dashboard Theme
  • $500 for the best Responsive Exclusive WordPress theme
  • $250 for the best 2 Responsive Themes (Exclusive or Non-exclusive themes)
  • $50 for the first 10 approved themes (Exclusive or Non-exclusive themes)

Let me clarify what the terms exclusive and non-exclusive used above mean.

There are two options you can choose from Gridgum to sell your templates. One is the exclusive option and the other one is the non-exclusive one.

Exclusive option means your theme will be sold only on the Gridgum website. You cannot sell the theme anywhere else. Not on your blog, not on your website, not to your email list. In return they will give you a high fixed rate commission of 70% on all sales. As the site launches you will also be able to become an affiliate and earn up to 85% on your sales.

Non-exclusive option, on the other hand, means that you sell your theme on Gridgum as well as you sell it on other web portals. In this case you will get a commission of 45%.

See whichever option suits you and act accordingly.

Some of the guidelines for submission are as follows:

  • All themes must be responsive in nature.
  • All designs must be tested in several browsers to ensure compatibility.
  • Theme design must display correctly at most common mobile device and desktop screen widths. It is necessary to test each page against as many devices and browsers as possible. If you are unable to test against a physical device or desktop screen size then use a software-based approach to test against various configurations. Simulation is not always accurate but can help to identify major issues.

The site is worth checking out. Go and take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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