How to Add Subtitles To Your Google+ Videos

Closed Captions are subtitles for videos which are useful for people who want to translate their videos in different languages or are trying to reach out to the hearing impaired.

Video with subtitles

For those who want captions or subtitles on their videos, Google has allowed you to add subtitle files to videos on Google+. The subtitle files that Google+ currently supports are SRT and SUB files. These files hold text information that enables the video to determine what subtitles to show at certain points of the video.

Creating A Basic SRT File

An SRT (SubRip Text) file is a basic subtitle file, in plain text format, that can easily be created on your own. A SUB file is more complex than an SRT file, and it requires a software to create. We’re going to show you how you can turn your subtitles into an SRT file.

The SRT format

The following is a very basic subtitle file that was created with Notepad (Windows) for a 10-sec video.

SRT File Example

An SRT file consists of 3 lines of information per line of subtitle.

  1. Line 1 shows an ascending number (starting with 1) which determines the order of the subtitle.
  2. Line 2 shows the time the subtitle should appear. The time will be in this format: 02:30:40 would be 2 hours, 30 minutes and 40 seconds into the movie
  3. Line 3 is the subtitle that will be shown.

Saving your SRT file

While saving your SRT file with Notepad, name your file then type ‘.srt’ at the end of the file name. Under ‘Save as type’, select ‘All files’. Hit Save.

SRT File Save

Adding Captions to Your Video

Once you have your SRT file, adding them to your video on Google+ with the following steps.

  1. First of all, ensure that your video has been uploaded on Google+. Locate the video at your Google+ profile page and play it.

    Google+ Profile Video

  2. It should come up in the preview mode like the image below. Now, look for the ‘Options’ button located at the bottom left corner of your screen.

    Google+ Preview Mode

  3. Click on Options > Closed captions.

    Subtitles Options

  4. The white panel on the right will now have a new ‘Closed captions’ category. Click on Add new captions or transcript.

    Add New Subtitle

  5. Click on ‘Select File’ to upload your SRT or SUB file and select the language the file is in, then click on Upload. You can repeat this step to upload captions for different languages.

    Upload Subtitle

  6. Now that you have uploaded the file, enable captions by pressing on the CC button located at the bottom right corner of your video.

    Enable Captions

    Choose your language and hit play to see the subtitles on your video.

    Video With Subtitle

We hope this quick tip will help you break the language barrier of your videos, enjoy!

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