How to Manage Files Across Different Cloud Storage [Android]

When you have multiple cloud storage accounts with on your smartphone or tablet, managing files between the different services would mean frequent switching among your cloud storage apps. Multitasking on a mobile device is still far less convenient than on a laptop or PC.

To solve your two #firstworldproblems, you need an app that supports different cloud storage services and also allows you to share and manage files and folders.

ES File Explorer on Android devices will do that for you. It supports Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box, SugarSync, Amazon, Yandex and Ubuntu One. And we’re going to introduce you to your new best friend.

Cloud Storage File Explorer On Android

Head to the Play Store or click here to get ES File Explorer for free.

Upon starting the app, you’ll notice that you’re able to view files in your Android device’s internal and external storage. This is great as you can transfer files between your Android device and your cloud services. The app can also manage FTP servers.

To add a cloud storage service, navigate to the tab that shows Net, then tap on New and you’ll see a list of supported cloud services.

Add Cloud Storage Services

Tap on one of the cloud services, login to allow the app access and you’ll see the cloud service added to your screen – it’s that simple.


To add more cloud storage accounts you have, tap on New again.

Multiple Cloud Services

Managing Files Between Cloud Services

If you want to transfer a file from one cloud service to another, you can do so by tapping and holding a file until the Operations menu appears, then tap on Copy to.

Copy To

You can now select where you want to copy that file to and you can even copy files between the cloud storages and your internal or external storage of your device. After you’ve selected your destination, tap OK.

Copy To

ES File Explorer Tips & Tricks

You can transfer multiple files at one go by tapping the Select button to ‘highlight’ multiple files.

Once you’ve made your selections, tap and hold any one of the highlighted files, then choose Copy To, to copy your files. This not only works for copying but for any other operations available.

Select Multiple Files

It is also a decent file viewer which supports common files like Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint, media (audio, video, image) files, and other text document (PDF, TXT) files which can be opened with other apps on your device.

There is also the ability to share files on your cloud service through Bluethooth, email, messaging or other services like Blogger, Facebook, Google Plus, Picasa, Skype and YoutTube.


Overall, a great Android app for people who want to manage all their data and files on different cloud storage services from one central location.