How to Read Facebook Chat Messages And Stay Undetected

Want to avoid annoying people on Facebook Chat? In the past you could do that just by not replying and feigning not having seen the message, but ever since Facebook has implemented the read receipt feature on Facebook chats, that excuse doesn’t work anymore.

Facebook Chat Undetected

There is no default Facebook chat setting to disable this ‘feature’, but we’ve found a workaround – a browser extension to remove the ‘Seen’ notice. With this installed, the person you are chatting with will not be able to tell when you have ‘seen’ their message.

Simple 1-Click Installation

To not let people know if you’ve read their Facebook chat messages, go to this website and press the green Get Chat Undetected button. It will then detect what web browser you’re using.

If you’re using Google Chrome, a Chat Undetected installation file will be downloaded into your computer. Close Google Chrome, run that installation file and you’re done.

Installation File

If you’re using Mozilla Firefox, an add-on notice will appear confirming the installation of Chat-Undetected. Click on Install Now to complete the installation.

Firefox Installation

Now you’re all set, the irritating ‘Seen’ status is now gone and the friends you are chatting with will not be able to tell if you have ‘seen’ their message.

Uninstalling Chat Undetected

If for some reason, you want to uninstall Chat Undetected, you’ll have to navigate to the settings of your web browsers.

For Google Chrome, go to Settings > Extensions to disable or uninstall Chat Undetected.

Chrome Uninstall

For Mozilla Firefox, go to the Add-ons page and you’ll be able to disable or uninstall Chat Undetected under Extensions.

Firefox Uninstall