How To Restore Deleted Default Libraries Shortcuts In Windows 7 And 8 [Quicktip]

If you work on Windows you would know the Libraries folder. In Libraries, all the files on your computer or external hard drives will be categorized into Documents, Music, Picture and Videos automatically. These libraries are very convenient to have, particularly when you have a lot of files in your hard drives.

Windows Libraries

If for some reason any of these shortcuts somehow get deleted (woops!), don’t worry, there’s a way to restore them. Here’s what you do.

Restoring Default Libraries

There are two methods to bring back the default libraries shortcut, the first is really simple; the second requires you to download a registry file. If the first method doesn’t work, try the registry file method.

Method #1

To begin, open up Windows Explorer via the icon which looks like file folders (see image). If you do not have that icon on your taskbar, just search for Windows Explorer from the Start menu if you’re on Windows 7 or or Windows 8.

Windows Explorer

Next, look for Libraries on the left sidebar, right click, then choose "Restore default libraries". If your libraries have been restored, then you’re done. If not, move on to method #2.

Restore default libraries

Method #2

Method 1 didn’t get the job done? Then you’re going to need this here. Double click on it and choose Run.

Run registry key

Your computer will ask you whether you want to give permission to this file to make changes on your computer; click Yes. If you see another window saying "adding information can unintentionally change or delete values and cause components to stop working correctly," keep calm and click Yes again.

User Account Control

You will be shown a third window. This one will say that "the keys and values have been successfully added to the registry," which means you’re done.

Just restart your computer to have your default libraries restored.

Successfully added registry key