How To Turn On/Off Windows Action Center Message On Your PC [Quicktip]

How often do you see this image when you are on Windows? It’s annoying, isn’t it? Every time you restart your PC that reminder comes on to nag you.

Turn on virus protection

These messages are coming from the Action Center. The Action Center helps to scan your PC for security and maintenance issues, and it will alert you if necessary. If you have Windows Defender disabled, you will be repeatedly prompted to "Turn on virus protection". If you want to opt-out from receiving messages like this, this is the quick tip you should be reading.

Turn Action Center Message On or Off

To begin, start off by searching for Action Center on Windows 8 Metro search; click to open it. For Windows 7 users, go to Control Panel > System & Security > Action Center.

Search for action center

Next, click on Change Action Center settings at the left sidebar in the window. You will arrive at the Action Center settings page where you can choose the messages you don’t want to be prompted with.

Click On Change Action Center settings

To turn off Action Center messages, untick any of the options. If you do not wish to receive any further messages from Action Center, untick all of the options. Once done, click OK.

Change Action Center settings

Hide Icon and Notifications

Ultimately, you can also turn off all notifications from Action Center directly from the taskbar icon. To do that, click on the up arrow button at the taskbar and then click on Customize.

Click on Customize

Next, choose to Hide icon and notifications under the Behaviors tab in Action Center. Click OK and you’re done.

Hide icon and notifications