iTunes 11: Useful Keyboard Shortcuts, Tips & Tricks

iTunes – media library, music player, app organizer and the place to go when you want to sync your apps with your iDevices – has recently seen its 11th update, with plenty of improvements and new features. Some of these features include a smarter, more organized browsing experience, preview history, personalized recommendations and Facebook integration.

iTunes 11

The new update makes iTunes a pretty powerful app but also a very complicated one, so it’s a good idea to pick up some shortcuts, tips and tricks to help you navigate through iTunes faster and better.

iTunes 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

We are fans of shortcuts and the trend doesn’t stop at iTunes. Here are some of the shortcuts you can use to breeze through the site.

Shortcuts Description
Command + , Preferences…
Command + H Hide iTunes
Command+ Option + H Hide Others
Command + Q Quit iTunes
Command + N Playlist
Option + Command + N Smart Playlist…
Command + W Close Window
Command + O Add to Library…
Command + U Open Stream…
Command + P Print…
Command + I Get Info
Shift + Command + R Show in Finder
Command + Z Undo
Shift + Command + Z Redo
Command + X Cut
Command + C Copy
Command + V Paste
Delete Delete
Command + A Select All
Shift + Command + A Select None
Fn + Fn Start Dictation…
Option + Command + T Special Characters…
Command + J View Options…
Command + B Show Column Browser
Option + Command + U Show Up Next
Command + / Show Status Bar
Command + F Search
Command + T Show Visualizer
Control + Command + F Enter Full Screen
Space Play
Command + . Stop
Command + Next
Command + Previous
Command + L Go to Current Song
Control + Shift + Command + Next Chapter
Control + Shift + Command + Previous Chapter
Command + Increase Volume
Command + Decrease Volume
Command + E Eject Disc
Command + [ Back
Command + ] Forward
Shift + Command + H Home
Command + R Reload Page
Command + M Minimize
Option + Command + 1 iTunes
Option + Command + 2 Equalizer
Option + Command + 3 MiniPlayer
Option + Command + M Switch from/to MiniPlayer
Enter Play the Currently Selected Song from the Beginning
Command + 1 Open "Music"
Command + 2 Open "Movies"
Command + 3 Open "TV"
Command + 4 Open "Shows"
Command + 5 Open "Podcasts"
Command + 6 Open "Books"
Command + 7 Open "Apps"

Tips / Tricks to Get The most Out of iTunes 11

Here’s where we share with you some of the simple tricks to help you with iTunes. If you have more to add, just drop it in the comments section.

#1. Use the Remote App on iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad to control your iTunes library from a distance. The Remote app is available in App Store for free.

#2. From anywhere in iTunes, start a search in the iTunes Store by typing something in the Search field and press Option + Return.

#3. Press Option + Delete to delete the selected playlist and all the songs it contains from your library.

#4. Press Command + Delete to delete the selected playlist without confirming that you want to delete it.

#5. Press Option + Command + or to move forword or backword within a song.

#6. You can use the 2-finger swipe gesture to navigate back and forth between pages in iTunes Store.

#7. Keep MiniPlayer on top of all other Windows by ticking the option in Preferences > Advanced.

#8. When a song is selected, press Option + Return to add current song to "Up Next" queue.

#9. Press Option + Command + S to bring back the static sidebar.

#10. Press Shift + Command + L to search the selected item in Google.