Izzonet – Easy and Effective eCommerce Software

Online shopping has many advantages over real world shopping for a number of reasons. First of all you can search for a lot more things online than what you would in your local store and that too by sitting in the comfort of your drawing room. Secondly you can compare prices of products with other stores online. If you want to do the same in the real world you will have to move from store to store which will not only cost you a lot of time and money in travelling but will also get you tired. In an online store all information about the product is just a click away while in the real store the customer support guy rarely knows what he is talking about. There are many more advantages and mentioning all of them will require a whole new article. Suffice should it be to say here, that because of these reasons many online stores have emerged on the Internet and many websites letting you create an online store have also become common.

Let’s say you are highly impressed with the features of selling online and you too wish to open an online store but you are not sure which company should you trust. We recommend Izzonet.

Izzonet is ecommerce software designed to help you create an online store easily. In easy words it’s a shopping cart. All you have to do is to create a store on Izzonet – trust me, it takes just a few minutes – and either merge it with your preexisting domain or buy a new one on Izzonet. Then hit publish and you will be up and running. It is as simple as that.

The image below shows the seven simple steps required to create a store.


Creating a store is just the beginning. Izzonet provides you with a plethora of options to customize your store. Whether a particular option is accessible to you or not depends on the plan you bought. The image below shows only some of the available options with the respective plans with which they can be used.


I am discussing some of these options below.

Drop Shipping Integration – Izzonet’s Suppliers Relationship Management system manages all your suppliers. You may communicate with your suppliers, view and manage balances and invoices, keep a track of your orders, etc.

Integrate With eBay – If you are already selling your products on eBay and wish to sell on more online stores then Izzonet has an easy solution for you. Izzonet can be integrated easily with eBay so that your eBay shop imports to your new store.

Infinity Design – This technology takes the traditional “drag and drop” features to a new level. It allows you to move, change, relocate, and basically control any element and or widget on your store. Unlike other drag and drop facilities this feature is not limited by any HTML codes.

Logo Maker – This feature enables you to make beautiful, professional logos without needing any design skills. Just enter your store’s name, pick a design, and let them do the rest.

I strongly recommend having a look at Izzonet if you’re looking for an ecommerce software.

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