Keep Files Organized & Accessible On The Cloud with Doctape

What do you look for when it comes to file sharing services or apps? Security and privacy of your files, accessibility and functionality to quickly share to others and of course, file organization, so it’s not just a pile of clutter. If you’re looking for an all-in-one service, you can check out Doctape, a new cloud storage competitor.


Doctape comes with 5GB of online storage after registration, for more storage, recommend a friend and you can earn 500MB (for up to 5GB). On top of its web app, It also has an app for Mac, Chrome and a mobile app that’s currently supported on iOS only with Android on the way. Here are all the cool features Doctape has to offer.

Getting Started With Doctape

You’ll first have to register for an account at Doctape before you can log into the iOS app.

Adding Files To Doctape

You can now begin adding files onto Doctape through the web app. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping multiple files into the Doctape website.


Another way to upload your files is by sending an email with attachments to your special Doctape email (it looks like All the attachments sent to this email will then be uploaded to your account. The email upload feature is useful as other cloud storage services normally require third-party services in order to do this.

File Type Support

Doctape supports a large list of files that include zip, audio, video, document, image and vector file types. These files are ‘converted’ so that it can be viewed (but not edited) on the Doctape website and on the smartphone app. Don’t worry about your original files, they are still intact and can still be downloaded again at a later time.

File Support

Organizing & Sharing Your Files

By default, Doctape automatically organizes your files by file types so it is easy to look for specific files. A cool feature that Doctape has is the ability to organize your files using tags which you can assign to your files, giving your more organization flexibility.

They also have a special tag for sharing your files called Tapes. Tapes allow you to prepare all your files before sharing it with your teammates. When you are compiling the correct files and group member emails, the status of the Tape is grey (pending-project).


This tape file organization is unique and unlike any other cloud storage service out there. Once everything is set, you can make it ‘live’ by clicking on the gear icon next to the Tape.

Making it live sends a email notification to all the shared members and allows them to view the files. Users who you share Tapes with have to register for a Doctape app in order to view the files.

Live Tape

If however, you just want to share a link so that others can view your files, you can make a file public by clicking on the arrow next to Share and select Make public. This gives you a simple link to share it with anyone.

Public Share

Full-Featured App & More

Doctape’s iOS app is simple to use and yet impresses. All the features and controls found on the Doctape website can also be accessed on the iOS app.

  • You can view your uploaded files on the app
  • You can also upload photos by tapping the + at the top right corner
  • Upload other files from other apps by opening it in Doctape.
  • Swipe right to left on a file to add tags, share it with other Doctape users or with a public link.

Doctape App

Integration With Google Doc

Doctape also allows you to edit basic documents with Google Docs. An edited file will be uploaded to Doctape leaving your original file untouched. This is cool because some other cloud storage services don’t have the option to edit documents through the web or mobile app.

Doctape Viewer iOS App

Another app that works well with Doctape is Doctape Viewer. It works with other online services like Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box and even Facebook, Instagram and Gmail. Once you’ve linked all these services, you’ll be able to grab your files off them and view it on Doctape Viewer. Doctape Viewer supports over 80 file types including PDF, Microsoft Office, Open Office, audio, video and image files.

Doctape Viewer