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If you are a designer or are related with design in any way then you need to have a good working knowledge of some of Adobe’s main softwares like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, etc. These Adobe’s softwares are the market leaders in their respective niches and once you master their techniques you can create wonderful designs. These softwares require rigorous training on the part of the candidate who wants to master them. Therefore it is not uncommon to find training centers in every city and on the Internet boasting taglines like “Learn Adobe’s Photoshop in 90 Days”. But the problem with such coaching centers is that most of them are not trustworthy. Any arbitrary person can hire a space on rent and start teaching Adobe’s softwares just as anyone can start a website and upload tutorial videos and begin selling subscriptions. If you are going to give away your precious time and hard earned money to someone then you must make sure that he is the person to trust.


Train Simple is a company that gives both online and offline coaching on Adobe’s softwares. The feature that makes it stand out of the crowd is that the company is authorized by Adobe. In fact Train Simple is the only video service that has been authorized by Adobe to provide training of Adobe’s products. In our opinion, Train Simple is the best place to get Adobe Training.

There are basically three ways in which you can take live classes from Train Simple.

1) In Person

Train Simple presently owns two coaching centers one in Massachusetts and the other one in California. These two centers keep on running classes throughout the year which anyone can join by purchasing a ticket online and booking a seat.

2) At Your Office

If you are the owner of a company and you wish to train your staff in any of Adobe’s softwares then purchasing tickets of the class on a one on one basis can be costly. Don’t worry because Train Simple can come to your office to teach your staff. They have a portable classroom complete with laptops, projector and wireless Internet connections. Train Simple’s instructors and classrooms can travel anywhere in the world where you want them to be.

3) Online

This is the cheapest of the three teaching methods. In this option, Train Simple provides you with live online tutoring. You will be able to see the screen of the instructor and can ask live questions and interact with your teacher. Also, you will be able to hear the questions and comments posed by other fellow learners online.

Besides the above methods, Train Simple also provides you with online tutorial videos that you can purchase on a monthly or yearly basis. Some of the videos in all the categories are free to watch so that you will know what you will get. The website currently owns more than 2,567 tutorials.

The main advantage of buying a subscription for these videos is that you can access them at any time you want. This gives you a lot of flexibility so that you can learn the softwares as and when time permits you.

So go and check out the website and let me know what do you think in the comments below.

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