Logo Design Contests: Get Design Ideas and Build a Design Portfolio

Being logo designer is a wonderful activity but in the same time it is very demanding to satisfy the tastes of your clients, of the potential viewers of logos created or of other logo designers, and in the same time to respect the rules of good design. A logo is a graphical representation, therefore we are talking about a science, logo design, but when look at the big picture, is simple to realize that in fact it is a symbol and, from this perspective the process of creating logos is mostly an art. This symbiosis between art and science is the main beauty of logo design.

Working with clients can be challenging and the logo design industry is competitive making it challenging to survive as logo designer but quality work will attract new clients. On the other hand, the artistic part of the logos requires inspiration and creativity and these can’t be achieved, it’s about personal state. More exactly, there may be days when a logo designer realizes few logos that are appreciated by clients and some days when not a logo is sketched. Anyway, the Internet is merely evolving and logo design community must keep the same rhythm. As a logo designer is normal to ask yourself how to evolve in your career in order to survive and not to be old-fashioned. Talking with other logo designers, reading tons of interviews and adding my humble personal experience I determined that is better to divide into two distinct categories the self-preparation of a logo designer:

  • the theoretical part
  • the practical part

The theoretical part

As you see there is nothing new, the most important is how effectively a logo designer is doing it. Even if we are living into the digital era, the power of books can’t be denied. Yep, reading design e-books will keep you updated with trends and thinking amongst industry leaders. Another source of learning tips and practical content and tutorials are books. Another important learning tool, but not quite frequently used are the podcasts (you must barely try to listen to some podcasts to make a complete idea about how useful are these).

The practical part

To practice shouldn’t be a long story, just draw and fine tuning the details. Nevertheless, just practicing without a clear schedule isn’t the recipe to success. A much better approach is to be everytime in competition, everytime to have higher standards as other people. Compare yourself with a runner, if you just run without a competitor you can’t have clarity on your potential, therefore you must compete with others to understand, which is what the Olympics is all about – being globally competitive. Definitely, this idea must be applied to the logo design community but how to find a competition similar to Olympic Games?

Fortunately, I found a similar competition: here is the top cream of logo designers, they are competing, and the winner receives a payment- the same as a sportsperson that receive a medal. DesignCrowd is the name of the “Olympic Games” for logo designers. Besides that, here are tons of competitions not only for logo creators, this is the perfect place for WordPress developers, for web designers, graphic designers etc. There is no reason not to compete and not to be part of the DesignCrowd designer’s community. Check these and let me know if you have entered a contest on one of these websites.

1. You Get Inspiration


There is a harsh competition and only the best manage to win competitions. No matter how inexperienced you are, by interacting with expert designers and working on real client briefs you will gain experience. Anyway, there is no better way than competing. Admiring masterworks and trying to imitate (but not to copy) is awesome and is the best way to turn yourself into a famous designer. On the other hand, don’t participate in all the competitions available, select one or two design contests and submit your works. They logo design contests are wide-ranging, for instance you could find yourself designing a cake logo for a client!

2. Another Source of Income


Sooner or later you will win a logo design contest and across time, the success will help you win more contests on DesignCrowd. Maybe at the start you won’t receive too much money from these contests but after some time, with patience and solid skills the winning competitions will bring you a pretty decent prize money. Some of the top designers on their website have earned $100,000+ in contest winnings!

3. Possibility of Being Hired


DesignCrowd is a busy marketplace with a range of clients who you can build a relationship with and may, hire your for other design projects. In conclusion, logo design contest is a great way to test your skills as an emerging designer. You’ll learn how to read a brief and work to a deadline plus get insights to industries. If you are a beginner logo designer, you should study the logos and logo designers who win contest on the DesignCrowd. Unfortunately, there is no school to teach you how to effectively work with the clients and the best solution is monitor designers and contests and participate, isn’t it? Personally, when I need a fresh inspiration I randomly visit some contests and in just few minutes I already have some new ideas in my mind; try it and let me know if it works also for you!

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