Manage Your Gmail Attachments Like A Pro With Metisme

If you handle many email attachments every day, you’ll understand how hard it is to keep track of where everything is. The search function in Gmail is pretty powerful but wouldn’t it be great to consolidate every Gmail attachment into one place for easier access?

MetisMe is an awesome Chrome extension to help you do just that, manage your Gmail attachments.


Unlike Cloudy for Gmail, MetisMe helps you organize your attachments and put them into a place for easy access. It also allows users to connect MetisMe with Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive to better management attachments in Gmail. MetisMe uses 128-bit AES encryption, keeping your data private and safe. Let’s check it out.

Gmail Attachments Manager

To get started, download and install MetisMe on your Chrome browser. Once installed, it will open a new browser tab and take you to the Gmail webapp. You’ll be greeted with a few changes and a pop-up window by MetisMe.

MetisMe Gmail

It’ll take a while for it to look for all your attachments. In the mean time, you can explore the noticeable changes it has done to your Gmail.

You can now search for attachments more quickly or access it via the Attachments link on the left navigation panel. There’s also a blue M button on the right that allows you to Set Rule-Engine.

MetisMe Gmail


Setting a Rule-Engine allows you to automatically send specific email attachments to cloud services Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive. You can also create other ‘rules’ to manage all your attachments. Do note that you have to grant permission to MetisMe when linking any of these cloud services.

MetisMe Rule Engine

Managing attachments

When you click on the Attachments link on the right, you’ll be able to see every attachment found on all your sent or received emails.

This makes it easier for you to delete large attachments to free up space on your Gmail. You can also compose or forward an email with attachments from multiple emails, send selected attachments to the 3 cloud services above plus SkyDrive, or download them onto your computer.

MetisMe Attachments

Quick Notes

Another cool feature that MetisMe offers is Quick Notes that are directly linked to Evernote. Typing text into the box will send the short note to Evernote under a new notebook. The notes will also be saved and will appear every time you open the particular email conversation, good for keeping track of things inside Gmail.

MetisMe Evernote

Final Word

MetisMe is a free Chrome extension you will love if you handle a ton of attachments on a daily basis. You won’t have to dig through multiple emails from different senders to compile attachments before sending them to someone else. MetisMe is new and constantly improving; we hope to see more features from them in the near future.