Maps that Bring Difference to Your Website

Everybody knows that when designing a website it is important to think about the users, in order to be able to provide them a great experience. At the same time, what web designers have in mind is developing something complete, accurate and easy to use, so that the audience will remain loyal and hopefully increase. Anyway, since it is very trendy these days to let the others know about your location, then it goes without saying that including an interactive map is quite a necessity, especially if your website is associated with travel. But, how do you go about creating such a map? You should definitely get acquainted with

If you are not familiar with already, develops, sells and supports interactive maps. What makes it ideal is that you can create and customize maps without having any HTML5, CSS, Flash or JavaScript knowledge. The products are easy to install products and will quickly improve the appeal of your website.


Compared to alternatives, this company distinguishes themselves with unique features as: latitude and longitude location markers, mobile-friendly maps and continent-based zooming. Due to the location markers, it is easy to exhibit additional details on the map; at the same time their products are compatible with iPhones, iPad and Android devices, since they detect touch devices; and last but not least zooming is very natural and easy to use. But above all of these, one of the best features of the map isthe fact that their interactive world map is extremely easy to customize. One can to add colors, the links, locations, the regions, etc. on the map by simply editing a text file. Similarly, editing an interactive us map is equally simple.

Also, another advantage is the fact that the maps work great on all browsers and mobile devices, since the maps are not based on Flash. And, if you will encounter some troubles when installing the maps you have the customer support team at your disposal ready to offer solutions to any of your problems.


However, let’s get down to business and let’s talk about money, because it is definitely an important matter. You should know that you must pay $59 for an interactive map in USA and Canada and $199 in the world. But, for this price you will have lifetime license for one domain, one year of free updates and free technical support. So, it seems to be quite a pretty great deal, doesn’t it? Anyway, if you desire to get more information, concerning the prices for more domains you should contact the team at But, there’s more. If you are not satisfied with your product you can give it back in 30 days and get a full refund. This shows that they are confident in the great quality of their products.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an excellent interactive or Flash map, you could do a lot worse than Quality maps, a dedication to customer service and affordable prices make these interactive maps an obvious first choice.

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