Media Temple And Its WordPress Hosting Plan

The simplest way and the most secure way to get a website up and running is to be on a self-hosted WordPress blog. Now, there are many other blogging platforms and website creator tools and don’t bore me by listing all of them in the comments below. I am not saying there are no others. But I am saying that if you have no time for research and want to publish a site soon, just select a self-hosted WordPress and you will not be disappointed.

You will need a web host for that. Our recommendation is to use (mt) Media Temple.

wordpress hosting

(mt) Media Temple has several hosting plans. Let’s focus on the dedicated WordPress plan here.

This plan, as the name suggests, was created solely for WordPress. (mt) Media Temple will take care of all the technical details pertaining to WordPress while you focus on your blogging or website development work.

Firstly, when you purchase the WordPress hosting plan and login into your dashboard you will find WordPress already installed.

wordpress hosting

Secondly, whenever WordPress will launch an update or a new version, you won’t have to manually do anything. (mt) Media Temple will take care of these things for you on the backend.

Some of the important features of this plan are described below.

Easy to manage

WordPress’s aim is simplicity. And so is the aim of (mt) Media Temple.

They have created a single, integrated control panel from where you can operate your account and WordPress sites, while also taking advantage of easy client management tools.

Plenty of resources

Their standard plan will host up to three separate WordPress installations. You will also get unlimited bandwidth and an exhaustive 20 GB of SSD storage.

Exclusive themes

Not only will you get hosting services when you choose this plan but you will also get access to several exclusive themes created by (mt) Media Temple.

The default themes provided by WordPress should never be used. First, your site will not look unique and secondly because if WordPress will launch an update, your theme will break down because it was designed to work on the older version of WordPress.

Beautiful and eye-catching themes by (mt) Media Temple are just a click away. And they keep releasing more themes throughout the year. These themes will also keep getting regular updates by their developers as and when WordPress will update its framework.

You can also use the default themes provided by WordPress or may use any other theme too if you want.

(mt) Media Temple is worth checking out. Go and take a look and then let me know what you think about it in the comments below.

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