Mind-Blowing 3D Paintings by Keng Lye

You won’t believe your eyes. The goldfish you see below is a still sculpture, made from cold resin and painted with acrylic paint. The sculpture is made by Singapore-based artist cum magician, Keng Lye, who captures aquatic animals in artistic, lifelike moments, that will truly boggle your mind. Take note that all of the following images you will see actually painted on a flat surface!

alive without life
(Image Source: Kenglye)

Inspired by Riusuke Fukahori, Keng Lye managed to come up with his own unique variation that challenges your visual sense of reality. Believe it or not, let your eyes be the judge.

A Box of Life. This is not a case of overcrowding of fish. They are fake so don’t go starting a petition. The 3D effect here is amazing but it ain’t a problem for Keng Lye.

a box of life

Swimming Fish. This cute little goldfish is actually painted on a flast surface, despite havin ga shadow of its own. No secondary mediums were used. No 3D software or digital manipulation involved. You can start wow-ing now.

swimming fish

Little Fish. Seems like the fish will pop out of the water at any second!

little fish

Fish Pond. Place this on your living room’s table and enjoy watching visitors try to feed the fish.

fish pond

Fighting Fish. It just needs 2 layers of resin to achieve the liveliness of this beautiful fighting fish.

fighting fish

Terrapin. To achieve the effect, the turtle’s feet are painted on a first layer of resin, then the body is painted on a second layer.


A Bucket of Life. For this bucket of fishes, it requires 10 layers of resin, and patience of course.

a bucket of life

Alive Without Breath. The second series, such as this breathtaking work, is actually completed with additional elements like seeds, pebbles or egg shells, giving the work more depth and sense of reality.

alive without breath

Please don’t eat me! It’s amazing to see how incorporating pebbles can result in more persuasive 3D effects; the same trick could be done on multiple layers of resin too.

please don't eat me!

Turtles. Unlike most 3D illusions, you can view this work and still get the 3D effect from any angle. One more reason to like Keng Lye’s works.


Which work showcased above tricked your eyes? Share your thoughts in the comment and your love for such beautiful artistic work!


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