Need Beautiful Fonts? Try Font Town

Fonts are important.

A scholarly publication will require a professional font while a marriage invitation card will use a more casual, fancy font.

Your font screams out a message whenever somebody looks at it, “I’m a professional document” or “I will be a casual reading”.

We recommend you use Font Town to get beautiful fonts for free.

Font Town is the place on the net, a community for font designers. They currently host more than 30,000 free desktop and web font products which you can preview and download. Their smart navigable features allow you to search for any kind of font easily and quickly.

Font Town actually began as a side project which has now grown into a small yet profitable company helping the world’s font design talent share their creations through its website.

Font Town has become a go-to resource for discovering fonts and connecting with designers around the world.

font town


Take a look at the image above. This is a screenshot of Font Town’s search page.

I can enter the name of any font I wish to search in the top-left corner and I will get the relevant results. I can use the top-right side options to preview a text in the displayed fonts and adjust the colors.

Let me show you how it all works.

When I entered the keyword “typewriter” in the search bar, the website displayed me a lot of fonts which had the word “typewriter” in them. There were 277 fonts found. The screenshot below demonstrates this.

font town1


Now I can use the options in the top-right to write a text and adjust the colors and sizes of the font.

I wrote the word “eat” in the bar.

I can choose from three sizes – Small, Medium and Large. I selected the Large option. (The fonts displayed above use the Small size.)

The first color is for the color of the text and the second color is for the background color. I selected an off white color for text and purple color for the background.

I got the results as shown below.

font town2

As you can see it is very easy to adjust the color of text, the background color, and the word you want to be displayed in different fonts.

The images above also contain a yellow button saying “Show Swatches”. This option is somewhat similar to the “Add to cart” option which is displayed on e-commerce websites.

All fonts have a small option headed “Add to Swatches”. You can choose the fonts you like and click on this option so that these fonts will be added to your Swatches.

This ensures you won’t lose any font you like as everything will be saved on the website.

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