Organize Installed Programs On Windows 8 Modern UI Apps Menu Search

Like previous Windows operating systems before Windows 8, when you press the Windows Key and start typing, you can search for programs installed on your computer and launch the program by pressing Enter. It’s the same on Windows 8, however, something peculiar happens.

Search Metro UI Apps Organize

On Windows 8, if you have Dropbox, try doing this simple test. Press the Windows Key and type ‘Dropbox‘. See the first result that appears in your search. While we’d usually seek to launch Dropbox, as your experiment may reveal, you get ‘Uninstall Dropbox’ as the first result instead.

This is the same for any other program, so there could be search results of webpages or other irrelevant programs turning up as your first search result. Here’s a way to get rid of all those unwanted files, and reorganize apps on your Modern UI.

Organize And Remove Metro UI Apps

To remove something from the Modern UI apps menu, first search for it.

For our example, we’ll be removing the ‘Uninstall Dropbox’ link that turned up in our experiment. Right click on ‘Uninstall Dropbox’ and at the bottom click on ‘Open file location’.

Open File Location

A folder will open where you can find ‘Uninstall Dropbox’. Because it’s just a shortcut, you can delete it without corrupting it in anyway. You can also go ahead and delete ‘Dropbox Website’ if you don’t want it to turn up in the Apps menu.


When you have cleared the unwanted shortcuts, the results will only show the intended program you actually want. If you used OblyTile to customize the Modern UI, you will still see 2 ‘Dropbox’ links but both can launch the app.

This trick also works for any other program that you might come across and is not only exclusive to Dropbox.


Create A Favorites Folder in Apps Menu

Through this trick, we found a way to further organize your more commonly used programs into a central location for faster access. You can create a custom ‘favorites’ folder in the Modern UI Apps menu.


First, go to your C: Drive and navigate to Users > [yourusername] > AppData > Roaming > Microsoft > Windows > Start Menu > Programs and create a new folder called ’00 Favorites’. We use the two zero’s in front to ensure it is at the top of the list.

Favorites Folder

Now go to your Modern UI, and search for a commonly used program, such as Dropbox. Right click on it and click on ‘Open file location’ at the bottom.

Favorites Open File Location

A folder will open with the Dropbox shortcut. Copy ( Ctrl + C ) that program shortcut and paste ( Ctrl + V ) it into the ’00 Favourites’ folder. Repeat the steps you did with the Dropbox shortcut for your other favorite programs.

Once you’ve compiled everything, sign off Windows and when you sign back in, press Windows Key + Q and you should be able to see a ’00 Favorites’ header with all your commonly used programs.