Remembering Steve Jobs: 40 Awesome Artwork Dedications

This time last year, the world lost a hot-tempered manager who unashamedly hogs credit, threw tantrums and was kicked out of the company he founded. And the world cried at this loss, because despite his unorthodox management styles, he was also the impetus for some of the world’s most advanced leaps in technological gadgetry. And that promise about changing the world? Well, let’s just say he redefined a lot of things.

Steve Jobs redefined user experience, design, technology and the way many things work. He had a hand in making tech users trade clicks for swipes, changing the way music was sold, reinventing animated films, and created the app industry with the App Store. Smartphones and tablets (Apple and non) became necessities, and stories of crazy queues filled with obssessed fans at product launches dominate tech news worldwide. And that’s the short of it.

With the deepest admiration for this legendary icon, we have chosen 40 artworks depicting the man himself, as a tribute to the first anniversary of the day we went Jobs-less. Each artwork is carefully crafted with extreme attention to detail, very much like how Steve approaches every Apple product he had a hand in.

His mark on the world is still felt today as impressive artworks of tribute to his name continue to turn up, even a year after he had left us. And to that, I say, "Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow."

1955-2011. (Image Source: WarrenLouw)

1955 - 2011

Apple Man. (Image Source: jardorocks)

apple man

Colored the World. (Image Source: Haychel)

colored the world

Creator of Apples. (Image Source: wiener-online)

creator of apples

Dominating Confidence. (Image Source: Stanbos)

dominating confidence

Founder of Magical Apple. (Image Source: mohammed elhussieny)

founder of magical apple

Good Bye Steve. (Image Source: artupida)

good bye steve

Great Steve Jobs. (Image Source: SubhrajitDatta)

great steve jobs

He Made Tech Beautiful. (Image Source: auroraink)

he made tech beautiful

He Who Inspired. (Image Source: gregbo)

he who inspired

Homage To The Genius. (Image Source: fungila)

homage to the genius

Inspirational Person. (Image Source: TimWitherow)

inspirational person

Joyful Moment. (Image Source: Tsevis Visual Design)

joyful moment

Steve and Macs. (Image Source: Tsevis Visual Design)

steve and macs

The Man In The Products. (Image Source: Tsevis Visual Design)

the man in the products

Master of Innovator. (Image Source: sanjun)

master of innovator

The Man. (Image Source: Aakreit Sachdeva)

the man

RIP Steve Jobs. (Image Source: michael152)

rip steve jobs

Memory. (Image Source: eNyDesigner)


Perceiving Innovation. (Image Source: turk1672)

perceiving innovation

Presenting iPhone 4. (Image Source: MosiKashi)

presenting iphone 4

Steve. (Image Source: Fruksion)


Steve Jobs – Coffee Painting. (Image Source: Dirceu Veiga)

steve jobs - coffee painting

Steve Jobs – Painted Portrait. (Image Source: Adobe of Chaos)

steve jobs - painted portrait

Steve Jobs from Disassembled MacBook Pro. (Image Source: Genis Carreras)

steve jobs from disassembled macbook pro

Steven Paul Jobs. (Image Source: dylanroscover)

steven paul jobs

Steve Jobs Portrait. (Image Source: iTrixia)

steve jobs portrait

Thank You Steve. (Image Source: CrazyNalin)

thank you steve

Thanks For The Magic. (Image Source: februarymoon)

thanks for the magic

The Innovator. (Image Source: Richard Davies)

the innovator

The Smile. (Image Source: Speeddrawingitalia)

the smile

The Third Was For Steve Jobs. (Image Source: Devilicious-Pink)

the third was for steve jobs

Visionary of Technology. (Image Source: ThatCrookedMind)

visionary of technology

Think Different. (Image Source: DagoDesign)

think different

Steve and Apple. (Image Source: TomRutjens)

steve and apple

What He Has Done. (Image Source: Cayasha)

what he has done

The Magic Creator. (Image Source: Liyin the Creative-Extraordinaire)

the magic creator

Steve “Moses” Jobs. (Image Source: Dale Stephanos Illustration)

steve moses jobs

True Visionary. (Image Source: markdraws)

true visionary

Great Steve. (Image Source: koinoi)

great steve


Words can mean as much as the artworks, so if you would like to, please share your thoughts about Steve Jobs in our comments section, or send an email about their former CEO to Apple. Lastly, if you have more awesome artworks about the man who also redefined brand loyalty and black turtlenecks, the floor is yours.

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