Retro Game Characters Invading Our Real Life [PICS]

If you are a 90′s child, this is the kind of the post you shouldn’t miss, because it is going to remind so much of your fun childhood memories!

retro game characters in real life
(Image Source: RETROnoob)

Super Mario, Megaman, Super Metroid, Donkey Kong; caught with proof of them running here and there in real life – the world’s gonna be messy! But something tells me that we might enjoy this kind of world! Just glance through these photos and see if you agree with me!

Full chaos after the jump.

Well if you’re also a gamer, we have got some awesome game-related posts dedicated to you!

Advance Wars. The first thing retro game characters will do if they enter real life? Carry out an invasion! Well maybe not, but this piece is just too realistic! (Image Source: RETROnoob)

advance wars

Beep Beep Coming Though. Mario Kart joins the historical Tienanmen Square. No offense, though! (Image Source: vanTol777)

beep beep coming though

Donkey Kong Country New Jungle. Probably the best manipulation work for Donkey Kong, as the scene is just too similar to the real deal. (Image Source: KillingRaptor)

donkey kong country new jungle

Doom: The Last Stand. There must be a lot of Photoshop work inside this awesome piece as it looks like a real scene from the game! (Image Source: KillingRaptor)

doom: the last stand

Excitebike. Excitebike in the real world, seriously? I will travel to the place just to watch their show! A hat tip to the creator. (Image Source: Pixel Fantasy)


Mario Kart. Now that’s called 3D! Could this be the future of gaming? (Image Source: RETROnoob)

mario kart

Off The Dirt Track. A small sprite makes the entire photo epic. (Image Source: fatheed)

off the dirt track

Koopa Beach. I want to know where the beach is, or whichever beaches Koopa exists in. (Image Source: fatheed)

koopa beach

Final Fantasy 6. The epic Final Fantasy gets more epic with this real-life game scene, thanks to BITMOB. (Image Source: BITMOB)

final fantasy 6

Keeping The Mean Streets Clean. Besides the realistic shadows, the background really suits the theme! (Image Source: fatheed)

keeping the mean streets clean

Mega Alexanderplatz Man. Brilliant, Zavadzky, just brilliant. Where will the next mission venue be? (Image Source: zavadzky)

mega alexanderplatz man

Ninja Gaiden. This creator really knows how to create an epic game scene. (Image Source: BITMOB)

ninja gaiden

Retro Field. Super Mario in real life by genius RETROnoob! Sprites are placed so right that every part of this photo is interesting! (Image Source: RETROnoob)

retro field

Retro Lake. So this is how the world looks like when Super Mario and his enemies come to life. By the way, the castle on the mountain is epic. (Image Source: RETROnoob)

retro lake

Retro Desert. How about a desert trip with the classic 8-bit angry sun? You won’t get bored for sure. (Image Source: RETROnoob)

retro desert

Retro Destiny “LoZ”. The shadows probably add to the awesomeness of this piece. (Image Source: CTCorbett)

retro destiny loz

Space Invaders. What a cute and detailed invader by Quest007! I welcome you to conquer our planet. (Image Source: Quest007)

space invaders

Space Invaders: Eiffel Towel. Another gorgeous scene of how space invaders are invading our planet Earth, and a great execution of colors. (Image Source: Pixel Fantasy)

space invaders: eiffel tower

Street Fighter. Kung Fu will get more famous if Street Fighter comes into real life. That’ll be awesome for sure. (Image Source: RETROnoob)

street fighter

Hundred Hand Slap. Amusing and realistic as well! I wonder how much time the creator put into this piece. (Image Source: fatheed)

hundred hand slap

Super Metroid. It’s the same kind of manipulation but using the reverse method, which utilizes the game’s background instead of its character. (Image Source: BITMOB)

super metroid

Super Metroid: Going Stealth. So Samus decided to attack in a cool way. Never knew a photo like this can be manipulated in such a cool way. (Image Source: KillingRaptor)

super metroid: going stealth

Track & Field. “You’d break the joystick trying to keep up with the Bolt.” – Gar0 (Image Source: Pixel Fantasy)

track and field

The Turned. What makes this one really epic is that it’s not actually digitally manipulated, but a real life 8-bit cosplay by ChozoBoy! You can view the making of it by visiting the author’s gallery. (Image Source: ChozoBoy)

the turned

Samus Vs. Minecraft II. An awesome photo where you can’t differentiate clearly between the 8-bit characters from the real-life characters. I like the weapon that third guy is holding. (Image Source: ChozoBoy)

samus vs. minecraft ii


These manipulated works of art did really bring up so much of my memories! I love the days I spent playing these retro games, and I believe all gamers agree that it was the best gaming period [ever] – when most of the games are filled with great gameplay instead of high-end graphic, and boring gameplay. This could be subjective though.

Well, at least you enjoyed these amusing works! Many thanks to those who crafted these out! We do love to see more from you creative guys! Caught a game character in your real life? Show it off to us! We will never get bored with them!

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