Save, Organize & Share Web Content Easily With Dragdis

Bookmarking has been around for a while, yet not a lot has changed. The familiar bookmarking interface probably needs a facelift. While it may have been perfect back in the infancy of the Internet, bookmarking has become a more prominent part of our online behavior that the old interfaces just can’t cut it anymore. We need our contents organized, and easy to save.

There are a few apps and services out there that can help you do just that, but there’s now a new kid on the block: Dragdis.


Dragdis is a supremely easy to use drag-and-drop clipboard tool that stands out from the crowd. No more screengrabs, copy-pasting or saving to desktop needed. Just drag and drop. Sounds good, right? Let’s check out what Dragdis has in store.

Getting Started With Dragdis

Dragdis is available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. To use Dragdis, you first have to register an account with the service. You can create a new account or register using your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts.

Once you’ve registered, you’ll be taken through a quick tutorial on how to use Dragdis. You’ll also be prompted to install the Dragdis extension for your web browser of choice.

Install Dragdis Extension

Dragdis requires this extension to work, so there’s no getting around installing the extension.

Once you’ve installed the extension, Dragdis will take you through the rest of the tutorial, including how to create a folder and how to drag and drop content into this folder.

We’ll be covering all of that in the next part of this post.

Saving Content In Dragdis

First and foremost, let’s take a look at the Dragdis sidebar itself. To access this sidebar, click on the Dragdis icon in your browser’s navigation bar.

Dragdis Sidebar

In this sidebar, you’ll see your account name, plus two groups named Drag to… and Home. Drag to… is where your social network "apps" are, by default. These apps let you share content directly onto social networks linked to your account with Dragdis (more on that later).

Saving Text, Images, Videos, Webpages

With Dragdis, you can bookmark and save text, images, videos and even entire webpages. Just drag any content to the right side of your browser window and the Dragdis sidebar will appear automatically. Then drag the content to the folder of your choice. You can do the same with images and text.

As for saving a website (see below), just drag the site’s favicon from the URL bar over to Dragdis.

Saving Website

To save videos, once you have Dragdis installed, a small Dragdis icon will appear in the upper left corner of videos you view. Drag this icon into Dragdis to save the video.

Saving YouTube Video

Organizing Your Content

Organizing saved content on Dragdis is very simple. Click on the + icon beside your account name to create a new Group. You can add folders inside each group with the + icon within the group. Rearrange groups and/or folders by simply dragging them in the order that you want.

New Group And New Folder

More On Sharing

After you’ve dragged content into a folder, you’ll be given the option to tag or share that particular content. Sharing is caring, right?

Tag Or Share

Clicking on Click to tag or share will open a new tab in your browser.

Tag And Share Screen

Here, you can find the Dragdis link for this item, some social network Share buttons, as well as the ability to add notes and tags to the item. At the bottom you’ll also find a link to the source of the item, the Delete link.

Folders On Dragdis

If you like, you can also share entire folders through Dragdis. Content on Dragdis is semi-private, in that your content is only visible to the public once you’ve chosen to share the content.

Share Folder

To see the contents of a folder, just click on the folder name in the sidebar. You can also access this folder by visiting the Dragdis website. Do note that you can watch video content directly in the folder, which is a nice touch.

Dragdis Folder View

Settings And Customization

There’s a basic Group settings screen that you can access by mousing over the group and clicking on the small gear icon that appears. This will open a new tab and take you to the Group settings screen, where you can change the group color.

Group Settings

You can also do the same with folders; just mouse over a folder and click on the small gear icon. Here, in the Folder settings, you can rename folders and customize the folder icon.

Folder Settings

There’s also a drop-down menu that you can access by clicking on your account name or profile picture. This drop-down menu gives you access to Dragdis’ Settings, Browser extensions, terms and conditions, as well as letting you log out of Dragdis.

Dragdis Menu

In the Settings page, you can change your name and password under the General tab, and manage apps that have to your social network profiles under the Apps tab.

General And Apps Settings


Dragdis is an excellent application for saving and organizing the links, text, images and videos that you might find on the Internet. You won’t have to worry about using an additional application such as Evernote, nor will you have to worry about not having access to your saved content on a different computer, making it a great tool that almost anyone will find a use for.