Schedule Your Appointments With Acuity Scheduling

Things like social media, email, smart phones, and tablets have made the world more connected but have also made it more cluttered. There are so many things to do – writing that awesome blog post which will bring in more visitors and hence more sales; sending that important email as the deadline is approaching; uploading the latest party images on Flickr as your friends have been pressing on for that from long; and of course updating your Facebook profile with what you had for dinner.

Amongst such a scenario imagine the hassle of dealing with appointments with your clients especially when there are some who just can’t settle on for a date until they have canceled and re-canceled their appointments half a dozen times.

You can, of course, hire a secretary to deal with things but she can only take care of the work 80 hours a week. There are 168 hours in a week my dear. What if a client wishes to talk about the time of the appointment on a Saturday night?

Frustrated? Don’t be. We have a solution for you.

Acuity Scheduling is an online appointments scheduling software that enables you to book appointments online with virtually no involvement from you. You don’t need to be present there, not even online, when a client is booking an appointment.


Here is how it works.

First of all you will have to sign up for an account. There are three types of accounts. Premium, Professional and Free. See the image below for the features and differences between the three types.


You can start with the free one to check out the software. In fact the Premium and the Professional ones too come with an initial 14 days’ free trial period.

Once you have made an account you are ready to go.

You will need to feed in your time zone and at what times you will be accepting appointments. Some prefer appointments from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Others may prefer 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Similarly if you don’t want to have appointments on, say, Sundays you can eliminate that day out.

Whatever your desired schedule is just feed it in. Then you can either embed the calendar on your site or you may link to it from your site. That’s it. You are done. Acuity Scheduling will take care of the rest!

If you want you may customize the intake forms with your website’s logo and theme.

Now suppose client A comes and views your calendar. He can choose any available time and date to book an appointment with you. Once he does that you will immediately receive an email notification that an appointment has been booked. The time that A has chosen will be blocked off from your available times so that when client B comes he sees your new and updated availability schedule.

And did I mention that you can sync your Acuity Calendar with your Google Calendar? This means that appointments added on Acuity will appear in Google and events in Google will automatically block off your available time spots from Acuity. Two way sync.

So go and check out AcuityScheduling and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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